Week of Dec 10 – 16

Across the Pond by Steve Parkhurst

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor,  USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day. *The UK has a national leadership election on December 12*


Policies for a new Britain – in which the central point for new Tory MPs is the moors on the edge of Sheffield

Can have a bold enough economic policy that people in these newly gained seats can see the difference in five years’ time?


Jeremy Corbyn ‘sorry’ for election disaster as he issues first apology in personal letter

Jeremy Corbyn vowed a turnaround in personal letter written to Sunday Mirror readers, after Labour’s worst defeat at the polls since 1935, but remains unrepentant about message of ‘hope’

Prosperity requires the right kind of government interventions

As soon as the Conservatives win a General election the pundits and the BBC are on telling us that government needs to adopt Labour’s economic policies of a  bigger state and more state intervention. If people thought that was the answer they could have voted for dollops of it given the Labour Manifesto.


General election 2019 live

Result ‘too close to call’ as voting continues – latest news


Boris Johnson pledges to get tough on serious criminals

Boris Johnson has said the criminal justice system “isn’t delivering” as he promised tougher sentences for terrorists, sex offenders and violent criminals if the Conservatives are re-elected.

Tories on for 28-seat majority as election race tightens but hung Parliament still possible says new MRP poll

The Tories are still on for a majority of 28 after a huge new poll predicts the election race is tightening significantly – but a hung Parliament is still possible.

Johnson breaks the gridlock and gets Brexit done

A visual metaphor starring a wall, a tractor, flying bricks, cheers, and a cry of “Let’s do this!”…from…

Labour support solidifies as expectations grow of a Tory win.

Johnson’s lead over Corbyn in the best Prime Minister stakes has narrowed slightly to 15 points.


The race for Number 10 has tightened – but Boris Johnson remains on course for a majority

But with Boris Johnson riding high in approval ratings and Labour’s core vote divided over Brexit, a Conservative majority remains the most likely outcome.

Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of winning the election are “dire”, and the party’s reception in some parts of the country “abysmal”, the shadow health secretary has claimed.

Hospital photo is biggest upset in fiercely disciplined Tory campaign

This has been a general election campaign without big moments, certainly compared to Theresa May’s disastrous 2017 attempt to win a landslide.

What Ireland can teach Brexiteers about ‘taking back control’

The Brexit party and Conservatives have more in common than they might like to admit. Yet their similarities haven’t stopped the bickering.

Labour knows how to borrow too much to bring on an economic collapse

Some younger voters may not have studied UK economic history. There has been a depressing pattern to it all.

Views from the most and least engaged constituencies in Britain

Robert Crampton visits two areas historically at opposing ends of the turnout spectrum to discover why their voters behave the way they do

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