Dem Strategist Pleads Guilty to $15M Green Grant Scheme


Dem political consultant Thomas Lindenfeld has pleaded guilty to fraud and corruption charges involving illegal funneling of $15 million of federal grants to a shell “environmental” group with the help of “Elected Official A,” the Justice Department (DOJ) announced Wednesday. In the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania, Lindenfeld pleaded to conspiracy to commit wire fraud for his role in a fraud and corruption scheme related to illegal campaign contributions.

In exchange for routing one million dollars of illegal campaign contributions to “Elected Official A” – who news reports now identify as Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. Chaka Fattah  (who won reelection Tuesday) – Lindenfeld would receive $15 million of federal grant money for his “Blue Guardians” environmental group. In his grant questionnaire, Lindenfeld described Blue Guardians as “an environmental education and coastal heritage preservation effort working in poor communities along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, as well as the U.S. islands of the Caribbean Seas.”

But, the group applied for the grant before it even existed, and never actually did any work.

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