Democrats Join Republicans in Criticism of Obamacare


Chairman of the House Ways and Means Health subcommittee, Kevin Brady (R-TX), who has long stated that when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, the ‘flaw is the law’, is now being echoed by Democratic strategists and incumbent Democrat politicians who voted for the bill.

“I can’t help but think of the time when the President said that his law was “working fine”, or when his CMS Director Maryilyn Tavenner assured me that the system undergirding the Affordable Care Act “is working”,” says Brady. “But now, his own party is admitting that the law they passed without any Republican votes was ‘imperfect from day one’, as Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner recently said on Fox News.” Brady also notes that Democratic pollster and strategist firm Lake Research Partners is encouraging embattled Democrats to not defend the law and admit that it “was flawed from the beginning.”

“Well, I’m glad they’ve finally caught up with what Republicans have been saying all along. The Affordable Care Act is a deeply flawed law that was passed on false promises that have been broken over and over,” continues Brady. “American families were promised savings of $2,500 a year, but instead their premiums and deductibles are skyrocketing. They were promised by the president that they could keep their doctor, but he recently admitted that for the “average person”, that wasn’t true either. And millions of Americans discovered last year that his oft-repeated promise that you can keep the plan you like was another broken promise.”

“HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius also assured me that there would be no delays for the March 31st signup deadline, and yet they announced last night that they are extending the deadline till mid-April. This is the 36th delay. After dozens of White House delays and unilateral changes, the Affordable Care Act continues to do more harm than good for the American people. When a law is having the opposite affect it was intended to have, it’s time to admit it’s a bad law that needs to be repealed,” concludes Brady.

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