Denmark Deals with Terror Attack: A Media Wrap Up


The world seems to have entered a new era and a new normal.  A world dealing with the constant threat of terror attacks.  The latest victims can be found in the nation of Denmark.  Here is a wrap of news stories of this latest incident in the city of  Copenhagen.

New York Times: Copenhagen Under Lockdown, 3 Dead after  Attack

Two attacks shook Copenhagen, with a gunman spraying bullets into a cafe where a Swedish cartoonist who had caricatured the Prophet Mohammad was speaking, followed hours later by a shooting outside the city’s main synagogue early Sunday  morning.

One man was killed in the cafe attack on Saturday and three police officers were wounded; a man was shot in the head in the second attack and later died, and two officers were wounded, Danish television reported. It was not clear if the attacks were linked, but in each case the gunman escaped, raising fears throughout the  capital.

Police swarmed into the city center, evacuating a train station, setting up roadblocks and warning people to remain indoors. Police later said they had shot and killed a man near Norrebro station who had shot at them first, according to TV2, a Danish  station.

The latest violence comes as Europe is increasingly on edge over the January assaults on a French satirical newspaper and a kosher supermarket in Paris, the worst spasm of terrorism in France in decades. Anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment is rising in Europe, and although there was no indication who was responsible for the shootings in Copenhagen, Twitter was…(read  more)

CNN:  Shooting at Free Speech Forum

BBC: Police Kill Man who “Opens  Fire”

They are investigating whether the man might be behind deadly shootings hours earlier at a cafe and near a  synagogue.

In the first attack, one person was killed and two injured during a free speech debate in a  cafe.

In the second, a civilian was killed and two police officers wounded near the city’s main  synagogue.

It was not immediately clear whether or how the shootings may have been  connected.

Early on Sunday, police said they had been keeping an address under observation in the district of Norrebro, waiting for the occupant to  return.

When he showed up, he noticed the officers, pulled out a gun and opened fire, police said. They returned fire and… (read  more)

Fox News: Copenhagen Police Kill “Person of Interest”

Copenhagen police killed a man near a train station during a shootout and are investigating whether he can be linked to two shootings that occurred hours earlier at a free speech event and at a  synagogue.

Copenhagen police said that the shooting occurred after they had put an address near the station under observation. No officers were injured in the  shooting.

The two earlier shootings left two dead and five officers wounded, which stirred fears that another terror spree was underway a month after attacks in Paris left 17  dead.

A gunman opened fire at a synagogue early Sunday killing one person and injuring two hours after an attack at a free speech event organized by a controversial Swedish artist who faced threats for his cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that killed one person and left three officers  dead

Police spokesman Allan Wadsworth-Hansen said it was…(read  more)

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