Most Dismal Sale Numbers in Three Years

By US Daily Review Staff.

In spite of assurances that we are in a recovery, we continue to hear terrible news in virtually every sector of the economy.  In a recent article, MSNBC announced that April 2012 sales figures are the lowest for the month in the last three years. In a “stuttering” economic recovery, MSNBC appears to find this fluctuation in sales growth natural. Brian Gilman, a sales and marketing expert, agrees that this is a natural part of the economic rebuilding process. However, he predicts that the upcoming summer will see an increase in sales figures.

According to a company statement, “Brian Gilman is a sales and marketing professional who has developed a strong background in team leadership, operational improvement, and sales development. Throughout his career, Brian Gilman has built up an impressive repertoire of professional skills, including account and territory management, strategic business and organizational planning, new business development, market and competitive analysis, operational improvement, contract negotiations, sales forecasting, marketing and brand development, budgetary oversight, and much more.”

According to MSNBC, “Major retailers said that April revenue rose less than one percent in the worst performance since 2009 when the U.S. economy was just coming out of a bad recession. The disappointing results follow two consecutive months of strong sales that were boosted by positive economic news about the jobs and housing market.”

As indicated by this statement, the economy has shown growth, but in an unpredictable way that has not yet proven sustainable. Michael Niemira, the Chief Economist at International Council of Shopping Centers, agrees that what he calls this “choppy period” is making it difficult for stores—and consumers—to gauge the economic growth that has been achieved. “The economy is growing in fits and starts,” stated Niemira, “and we are seeing sales shoot up and down.”

Although overall figures were down in the month of April, some retailers indicated an increase in sales. MSNBC cites a six percent increase in revenue for TJX Cos., the retailer that owns Marshalls, HomeGoods, and T.J. Maxx. This boost in sales shows Brian Gilman that the economy is still on the rise, even if it is not mending consistently.

“I imagine consumers are still a bit shy on spending, given the cost of gasoline versus last year,” commented Brian Gilman. “With future gas prices expected to fall closer to three dollars per gallon later in the summer, this might free up enough money for consumers to spend more in retail stores, restaurants, and on entertainment. For many people, this could result in as much as a twenty dollar weekly increase in spendable income, which would easily benefit retailers soon.”

Brian Gilman and other sales experts are looking forward to the upcoming months, when they predict that economic recovery will be more easily sustained and consumers will feel more confident in spending their money. Until then, Brian Gilman recommends that consumers and retailers alike do not give up hope and continue to look forward to a time of economic stability.

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