Do Auto Shows Influence Car Buying?

By US Daily Review Staff.

Foresight Research released more results from its 2012 Automotive Marketing Communications Study ©.  Automotive research specialists, Foresight interviewed 7,851 new vehicle buyers in the U.S., finding:

  • Overall, 40% of buyers that attended an auto show stated the show significantly or completely influenced their vehicle purchase.
  • Despite males being the majority of attendees, females are influenced just as often as males.
  • Year over year, auto show attendance among new vehicle buyers declined particularly among 18-34 year olds.  Five brands however were unchanged or experienced an increase – Mini Cooper, Acura, Lincoln, Dodge and Kia

“Auto shows are a very important element of an auto manufacturer’s marketing toolbox,” said Steve Bruyn, CEO of Foresight Research.  “Experiential marketing such as auto shows, test drives and sponsored events give prospective buyers that ability to touch, feel, sit in and sometimes drive vehicles in a non-pressure environment.  The formula for increasing Auto Show Return on Investment is straightforward; increase prospect attendance and provide an engaging display experience at the show.  Our sample of 2010 – 2012 model year buyers confirms the communications power of auto shows and explores factors that drive shoppers to shows and what experiences within the displays are most impactful.”

The 2012 Auto Show Strategy Report analyzes buyers who attend auto shows within 12 months of their vehicle purchase.  It documents who attends shows and why.  It provides detailed measures of what prospects do at the show, what marketing messages they receive and the additional lift in consideration ride and drive opportunities provide.  Finally, it measures the return on investment auto shows provide manufacturers relative to 13 other forms of marketing communication.  The data is reported by vehicle brand, segment, buyer demographics, loyal/conquest customers.  Study subscribers may also gain access to data for the top 20 metropolitan markets.

Established in 1998, Foresight Research specializes in studies focusing on the key influencers of purchase decisions in the automotive, marine, advertising, public relations, experiential marketing, healthcare, government, and industry association sectors.

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