Do You Know What You Stand For?

By Joe Messina, Special for  USDR

Getting ready for one of my faith radio segments, I read that a private, Catholic school was suspending, and trying to fire, a professor for a blog post he had written. He called attention to a class where the substitute teacher told a student they couldn’t discuss gay marriage because it fostered homophobic feelings.  Seriously?

First, it is a private college, so I guess they can dictate what is acceptable to speak about and what isn’t. But, don’t people go to college to foster open, honest, intellectual discussion? Or is it now a place to foster politically correct (PC) conversation  only?
Phobia is the fear of something. I don’t know anyone who is afraid of gay people or gay married people or gay divorced people or (insert other combination  here).

Not believing in something or disagreeing with someone is not a fear! I don’t believe in allowing my 6 year-old grandchild to watch an “R” rated, sex-filled, foul-mouthed movie. By the Left’s definition of “phobic” I have a sex and foul language  phobia.

It’s much easier to have honest conversation if you use the words properly. The only reason not to is because you don’t have the facts to win or you don’t really care about the facts and you just don’t want to have an honest   conversation.

When people don’t have guidelines or don’t live by the guidelines and rules they say they believe in it’s very confusing for those around them and for  themselves.

In the above example, this is a private Catholic school. If I were still a Catholic I would send my child there to strengthen their Catholic foundation and to get a good education in a Catholic environment. Simple, I understand what all those words  mean.

So when the Catholic university got mad at a tenured professor for writing a piece about the student who was told that speaking about gay marriage would foster more homophobia in students he was just as confused because the Catholic bible also speaks against same-sex  relationships.

I wonder if they are teaching that the Virgin Mary may very well have not been a virgin because many young girls were having sex in those villages? I’m just sayin’… apparently you can make it up as you go!

So why would it be an issue to discuss gay marriage? Are they no longer a Catholic organization? Can someone be a Christian and follow Mohammed? Can someone be a Muslim and follow Buddha? Of course  not.

You cannot be a Catholic and make it up as you can go along. They are a very disciplined and, unless you attend the “Nancy Pelosi School of Catholicism” you have it all  wrong.

A religious belief doesn’t change because you don’t like it. If you don’t like it go to another religion or make up your own. Most religions are based on scripture that the leader of the religion put in place. Who are you to change  it?

I know some of you godless, religion less people think this kind of thing is the height of “intelligence” and to reject scripture or organized religion is a smart thing to do. But you’re  wrong.

Who are you to ridicule people of faith? You don’t have that right anymore than people of faith have the right to jam what they believe down your  throats.

Catholic, Christian, or other religious schools should adhere to their core beliefs or else they stand for nothing, they mean nothing, and can be trusted for nothing. If they can’t adhere to their own foundation will they adhere to facts in history, science, English, philosophy, or anything else for that  matter?

Parents, don’t waste your money. Your kids are our future. Check out the learning institutions they are attending. If they claim to be God-based, don’t be afraid to check ‘em out! They will be pouring into the gift God gave you and entrusted you with. Don’t blow  it!

Truth is truth. There is no room for  compromise.

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