Does Latest GDP Report Prove that Obama is Hurting America?

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By Wayne Allyn Root, Special for  USDR


I told you so. Forget Islamic State. Forget Al Queda. Forget Putin. Forget  China.

The worst threat to America is Barack Hussein  Obama.

I’ve screamed from the highest mountains for almost seven long years that we have a drug dealer in the White House. Obama is dive-bombing our nation’s  economy.


Except this isn’t one plane and a couple hundred souls. Obama is taking the entire American economy and all of us down with  him.

I’ve told everyone and anyone who would listen for almost seven years that Obama is following the exact plan he learned as my college classmate at Columbia University Class of 1983. The plan is called  “Cloward-Piven.”

The plan is simple: To destroy capitalism and “American exceptionalism” you overwhelm the system with spending, entitlements, regulations and debt. The economy comes to halt, full-time jobs are killed, businesses fail in record numbers, the middle class is financially murdered, the debt implodes and the economy is  overwhelmed.

Capitalism dies as a majority of Americans wind up hooked on welfare, food stamps, free healthcare and government checks like a drug addict is hooked on heroin, crack cocaine, or crystal meth. Obama is America’s drug dealer. But his drug of choice is government  dependency.


To make this plan work Obama needs you hopeless, helpless, clueless and losing all faith in God, yourself, individualism, personal responsibility and capitalism. He needs you scared out of your wits and desperate. He needs you believing that only government can save  you.

How does this  end?


According to Cloward-Piven a majority of Americans wind up dependent on government, they vote out of desperation for whatever political party promises to keep the checks coming or better yet, expand the checks. Then slowly, capitalism dies. The very same people destroyed by government are now dependent on government to survive; they have to beg government to save them, and that opens the door to a Big Brother socialist economic system.

It’s happening right in front of our  eyes.

You don’t have to believe me. Just look at the evidence. The proof came in last Friday. The first quarter U.S. GDP growth was  NEGATIVE.

This is proof that the plan is working. The U.S. economy is in reverse. We are in quicksand and we’re all  drowning.

These aren’t opinions. This is a fact. Now you just have to decide based on the evidence of a dying economy after almost seven years under  Obama.

Is Obama an ignorant incompetent idiot, dangerous to himself and everyone around him, or a purposeful suicide bomber out to destroy America and  capitalism?

Because it’s either one or the  other.

Here are the  facts.

The first quarter GDP – which is the measurement of our economy – was just revised on Friday to negative 0.07%. This number is a  disaster.

But this isn’t some aberration or outlier. This is the entire Obama presidency. Obama’s seven first quarters as president are at a combined average of NEGATIVE 0.43%. Obama is the only president in the history of America’s recorded economic measurement to accomplish  this.

Let me repeat: This is the worst seven-year record in the history of America’s recorded  GDP.

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange just before the opening bell May 13, 2014 in New York. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

Obama is also the only president in history to have produced four separate first quarters that were negative. We started measuring GDP in 1947. Obama is setting records for disaster and futility never before imagined in the greatest country in world  history.

And guess what? We’re all going along for the ride. I hope you buckled your  seatbelt.

Yet no one in the GOP leadership in Washington, D.C. is willing to say out loud and “on the record” that something is very wrong; that this isn’t  normal.

No one in the GOP leadership is willing to say this isn’t possible to do by  mistake.

No one in the GOP leadership is willing to suggest there is a madman; a suicide bomber at the controls, taking our economy and country  down.

Want more  proof?

The average first quarter GDP since measurements began in 1947 was 4%. Here are the numbers for each president in the past half  century.:

  • Under Harry Truman: 4.5%.
  • Under Dwight Eisenhower: 3.2%.
  • Under John F. Kennedy: 4.9%.
  • Under Lyndon B. Johnson: 8.3%.
  • Under Richard Nixon: 5.3%.
  • Under Gerald Ford: 2.3%.
  • Under Jimmy Carter: 2.4%.
  • Under Ronald Reagan: 2.1% (and that was because Reagan inherited disaster from Carter).
  • Under George H.W. Bush: 2.9%.
  • Under Bill Clinton: 2.6%.
  • Under George W. Bush: 1.7%.

Under Obama here are the seven first  quarters:

  • 2009: NEGATIVE 5.4%.
  • 2010: 1.7%.
  • 2011: NEGATIVE 1.5%.
  • 2012: 2.3%
  • 2013: 2.7%.
  • 2014: NEGATIVE 2.1%.
  • 2015: NEGATIVE 0.07%.

Let me  repeat…

That’s the worst record in recorded  history.

That’s the only NEGATIVE average in recorded  history.

That’s the only time we’ve had four negative first quarters in  history.

What’s the excuse? Winter? Cold weather in the first quarter?  Really?

So America didn’t have winter under Truman or Kennedy or Johnson? Winter is a new phenomenon that only effects Obama’s first  quarter?

Even more compelling, don’t Canada, Russia and China have winter in the first quarter too? So how come their GDP growth isn’t affected by  winter?

Here’s the thing folks. Economists are saying the second quarter of 2015 doesn’t look much better than the shocking first quarter. Last I checked there is no winter in April, May and June. So why is this quarter off to the same kind of start? Why did all of this economic decline happen while gas prices plummeted? Economists predict a “windfall” for consumers because of lower gas prices. Yet the economy dive bombed and consumer spending stalled – even with cheap gas  prices.

And it isn’t just first quarters. The GDP for all quarters under Obama to start this decade (2010-2015) – if it stays at the same level for the last five years of this decade – would translate to our entire economy growing at less than half the rate of the decade of the  1960′s.


And that’s assuming we remain at the average of the past five  years.

What if the economy slips into another Great Recession? What if we experience a few more negative quarters like the last quarter? What if gas prices return to normal levels, or higher? What if the Federal Reserve is forced to raise interest rates to normal historical  levels?

We’ve had a booming stock market for those same five years to aid the economy. The GDP results have been that bad with a booming Wall Street. What if the stock market turns negative for an extended period? Then a dramatically declining Obama economy would quickly turn into a Great Depression and the worst collapse in  history.

It’s clear “who” and “what” is to blame. The “who” is a suicide bomber in the White House named Barack Obama. The “what” is Cloward-Piven – a detailed plan Obama and I learned at Columbia University 30 years  ago.

Obama has exploded spending, entitlements, dependency, regulations and debt to destroy capitalism and the U.S. economy. He has set world records in each of those categories – the most spending ever; the most entitlement spending ever; the most regulations and cost of regulations ever; the most debt ever created in world history. Let’s stop pretending this isn’t a purposeful plan. It’s clearly  Cloward-Piven.

The facts are in. The results are in. No president could be this stupid. No president could be this ignorant. No one could produce a record this bad by mistake. It isn’t  possible.

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