Does Obama Disregard the Constitution?

By Dave Bego, Special for  USDR

As I continue to write blogs, appear on radio shows, perform speeches and discuss my book, The Devil at Our Doorstep, I am frequently asked, “Why did you write The Devil at Our Doorstep?” and, “Why do you continue to champion this and spend so much of your time and energy?” The simple answer is, because I love the United States of America. The freedom that it stands for, the values of the republic, and the opportunity created by our Free Enterprise/Capitalistic system. The United States has created more prosperity for all the people of the world than all other civilizations/nations combined in history! I am concerned, however, that this great nation’s future is in peril, and I want to do my part in educating Americans as to what is transpiring so that we can eliminate The Devil at Our Doorstep and reinstill God in our great  country!

I was once naïve to what was transpiring in this great country. I was focused on taking care of my family and my business, and intent on doing what was legal and what I felt was right. However, when the SEIU raised its ugly head and utilized politicians, clergy members, little kids, misinformation, rhetoric, intimidation and public attacks, endemic to SEIU’s “Persuasion of Power,” in an attempt to force unionize my employees, I woke up to what is truly transpiring in this great country. I realized that the same rhetoric and tactics utilized by the SEIU extended to the political scene and were being utilized to brainwash naïve and ideological Americans with the intent of ‘fundamentally transforming America,” as espoused by our illustrious President. At times, I have struggled with how to best document the reasons I continue to fight the battle, and work to educate Americans to the true objectives of the Union bosses and their political allies. However, a recent encounter with a young man working as an appliance repairman provided me the opportunity to express my desire to educate Americans before it is too  late!

My wife and I hired this young gentleman to repair an appliance in our kitchen. On the day he arrived to replace the faulty part I had the opportunity to engage him in a short conversation before he informed me the part he had brought was not the correct part and that he would have to return the next day with the correct part. During this short conversation, he brought to light two interesting facts. First, that his previous job was with a janitorial company as an Area Manager; second, that his goal was to start his own appliance repair company because he wanted to treat customers and employees the right way. I was instantly intrigued and told him about my business, how I started it, the growth and the eventual attack by the SEIU. Since he had another appointment I kept it short and told him we could discuss it further upon his return the next  morning.

The next morning the young man arrived around 9:30am with the correct part. As he began the installation process, he told me that he had been on the website and had watched my speech to the “Heritage Foundation.” He was astounded at the tactics used by the SEIU. He indicated that he shared our values of placing employees and customers at the forefront, and commented that in his short experience, he felt many business owners/entrepreneurs lacked the passion to grow the business and do the right things, which he felt from our conversations was the root of our company’s success.

I thanked him for his comments and told him I would provide him a signed copy of my book so he could understand that the book was not just about the SEIU’s attack on my company, but how to build a business, family values, ethics and religious values.  I explained that it highlighted the fact that America’s Republic free enterprise system allowed people to be successful based on their work ethic, desire, persistence and passion as well as overcome threats to themselves, their business and our  country!

I mentioned to him that I was not concerned about his political bent, but wanted to forewarn him of things in the book with which he may struggle. I mentioned up front that I am traditionally conservative and voted that away most of the time, but primarily for candidates I felt were best for the local, state or federal office. Furthermore, I brought this up because he may or may not find parts of it offensive such as President Obama’s relationship with the SEIU and their collective socialist background as related in my recent blog, Wake-Up and Connect the Dots… Obama Wants Us to Sign a Neutrality Agreement! I did this because, despite the fact he wanted to start his own business, liked what I had to say and respected EMS’s business philosophy, certain comments he made indicated a liberal position. However, I was astonished by his response to my  comments.

He looked me square in the eyes and said that in 2008 he was prepared to vote for Barack Obama, because of his rhetoric, his smooth oratory skills and his seeming concern for all Americans. He then told me an incident that transformed his thinking and changed his mind. One evening after work he had dinner at a local pub and spent a long time that evening imbibing with some ladies he met who worked for the Obama campaign. As the evening wore on and the ladies became more loosed lipped they began to expose the real Barack Obama and the fact that despite the skills mentioned above that he truly was not for America, but for himself and that they personally would not be voting for him! Wow! The young man was astounded and woke up to the reality of President Obama’s tactics, and still clearly sees today, that this President does not love America as recently broadcasted by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. It was like I was hit with a lightning bolt as these young ladies employed by the Obama campaign delivered to this young man the same message, which is the reason for The Devil at Our Doorstep and subsequent blogs, I have been attempting to deliver to the American people ever since I was awoken by the SEIU and the rhetoric and tactics they taught to President Obama — who has a blatant disregard for the Constitution and separation of  powers.

It is apparent that people like the President and organizations like the SEIU understand that there is a large percentage of the population that is naïve and easily misled and their collective efforts are to brainwash these people to their thinking, and to use them in their attempt to ensure The Decline of American Exceptionalism, its free enterprise system, and to replace it with socialism/totalitarianism. All Americans need to wake up now and understand before it is too late that The Problem with Socialism is Socialism! Please take this young man’s story to heart and realize we are war and it is worth the timeIdentifying The Devil at Our Doorstep who is intent on The Taking of American Freedoms! Wake up America, we are at War! Armageddon is at Hand! Please Wake  up!

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