Does Texas Need a Straw Poll?

By the Price of Business, Radio Partners of US Daily Review.

In Iowa they use corn kernels, what will they use in Texas?

Does Texas need a straw poll in order to have a voice in the 2012 presidential elections? Felecia Cravens, a syndicated columnist and US Daily Review contributor, argues “yes.” She was recently on the Price of Business (M-F at 8 PM CST) to discuss the need for such.  She was on with Host and USDR publisher/editor in chief, Kevin Price. The Texas primary is simply too late for the voice of Texans to be heard.  By the time Texans get to vote, usually the presumptive nominee is the only one left on the ballot.

Cravens knows her politics. Felicia Cravens walked away from her accounting degree over a decade ago to become a stay-at-home mom.  Since then, she has filled her “spare time” teaching drama in an after-school program and working in conservative politics.  She founded the Houston Tea Party Society in 2009, serves as a frequent media contact, and trains and equips people new to the political process.  She can be found on Facebook and Google+, and on Twitter as @somethingfishie. She can also be found at LinkedIn.

Here is that interview in its entirety. 

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