Doing Leftover Pizza Right

By Slice is Right Pizza, Special for  USDR

Slice is Right Pizza, LLC, a newly formed pizza pan company located near Houston, Texas is revolutionizing the way leftover pizza is eaten. Let’s face it; the best leftover pizza is hot leftover pizza. Microwaves will do the job, but the pizza gets cold again quickly and leaves the crust tough and chewy. Reheating leftover pizza in the oven comes with its own challenges; if you are not careful, the crust dries out and may even burn. Until  now.

The Slice is Right pizza slice pan is different from other pizza pans. For one, it is the size of a slice of pizza. Most distinguishing, though, is the “heat shield” that extends up and around the crust to protect it from direct heat exposure, the cause of over-baking and  burning.

The Slice is Right pizza pan started as a quick fix for owner and inventor Charles  Garrison.

We bought a toaster oven and my wife, a New Yorker who loves a good slice, told me I had to stop eating cold and microwaved leftover pizza. The toaster oven was awesome, but there was a problem with the crust drying out and, in some cases, burning. I gave the problem some thought and searched online for a device that would protect the crust from direct heat. There were plenty of shields for pie crusts, but nothing pizza related, so I decided to make my own. It worked. Really  well.

Garrison went on to establish Slice is Right Pizza, LLC, receive a patent pending status for his invention, and start the process of finding a company to manufacture the pans. Slice is Right Pizza is excited to work with Lloyd Pans for manufacturing. Their reputation for a high-quality product and the fact that they are located here in the USA was a major factor for Garrison. His next priority is making some  sales.

The feedback from pizza lovers, industry experts, and pizza operators has been extremely positive. We know there are pizza fanatics out there looking for a better way to heat their leftover slices. We also know there are pizza operators looking for new marketing and upsell opportunities. This could be a match made in  heaven.

The Slice is Right pizza slice pan has plenty of room for custom engraving. Pizza operators looking for an alternative to coupon flyers and magnets can put their logo and phone number right on the pan. The Slice is Right pan will be especially interesting to operators with wood fired pizza ovens that typically leave a nice char on the  crust.

Slice is Right Pizza would like their Slice is Right pizza slice pan to someday be a household name. With 16% of Americans eating pizza on any given day, there is a good chance it will  happen.

SOURCE Slice is Right Pizza,  LLC

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