Droughts, Water Shortages and the Keystone Pipeline

By Brian Sussman, Special for  USDR

I’m involved in a new film about watermelons; you know, the zealous environmentalists who are green on the outside and red (like Marx and Lenin) on the inside.   The movie (available on DVD) is titled: It’s Easy Being Green, When You Have No  Choice.

As you think about the title for a moment, let me share what’s happening out here in California.  We’ve got a serious drought and there’s a critical water shortage.  However, the water shortage is completely man-made.   Thanks to the environmentalists and their liberal co-conspirators in our state legislature, water storage in California has not kept up with a steady population increase and the associated water demand.  In fact in recent years some of the state’s more significant dams have been deconstructed, forcing hundreds of nearby farms to close down operations.  Were it not for the eco-freaks, California could have built many more dams and reservoirs and therefore be adequately prepared for times of drought.  But instead we’ve been forced to roll over, accept the water shortage and employ extreme conservation methods, or face significant fines.  In my community the penalties can run in the hundreds of dollars per  month.

Hence the name of the film: It’s Easy Being Green, When You Have No  Choice.

A similar situation exists with our electricity consumption.  California has a law demanding 30 percent of the electricity produced in this state be generated from renewable resources, namely solar and wind.  Solar and wind power is not cheap—it’s ridiculously expensive.  As a result, Californian’s pay the highest utility rates in the  nation.

Again, It’s Easy Being Green, When You Have No  Choice.

I know many of you live outside of California, but think about this: these green machinations have gotyou under their thumb as well.  Federal law demands you employ a low flow showerhead; that law has been on the books for years.   In addition, federal law demands that you can no longer purchase a standard incandescent light bulb.   And we haven’t even discussed federal mile-per-gallon standards, which likely have made your vehicle lighter and less  safe.

See, It’s Easy Being Green, When You Have No  Choice.

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