Ebola Versus ISIS: Which Is More Threatening?

Photo courtesy of The European Commission’s humanitarian aid service ECHO

By Mark Davis, Special for USDR 

America, in the recent past, has been defined by a series of crises and scandals so profound our very existence has been placed at risk. ISIS, a barbaric Muslim group, seeks to decapitate all nonbelievers and an Ebola plague has been added to the mix.

Waiting in the shadows until American forces retreated from Iraqi soil ISIS arrived on the scene more virulent than its predecessor. In the space of a few months their ranks have swollen with volunteers from across the planet including America. With their recent surge in Syria and Iraq an unexplainable brutality has followed in their wake.

More calculating and better prepared than Al-Qaeda, their front is moving quickly to engulf as much as the Middle East as their assets allow. Obama has stammered and stonewalled in meeting this threat head on. His coalition of nations to defeat ISIS is in name only.

America, so far, has led the bombing assault on isolated sites with coalition members adding salt and pepper raids, not helping with the more meaty targets. Our national media has hyped up the threat this newest terrorist group projects.

Massively small in numbers, ISIS is more bark than bite. Successful media campaigns to keep Muslim hysteria alive has worked for thirteen years but ISIS, as a threat, does not come near the intensity of that posed by Ebola.

Ebola is coming our way. This twenty first century plague will not be contained by speeches or minor gestures from World governments. Hot zones where the virus is flourishing need to be quickly quarantined.

Obama’s decision to send 3,000 American troops into the area is nothing less than suicide for many of these brave folks. Once the body captures the virus there is a 50 to 90% fatality rate. No cure presently exists.

Hospitals in affected areas have few doctors and personnel. Most have left knowing their lives were at risk.

Ebola has mutated many times. Suggestive evidence exists a respiratory component to its transmission is not far behind. Ebola will reach our shores because of the blind-sided actions of our central government. Tens of thousands of visas have been issued to Africans to visit the United States. Many are student visas. Others are for business or vacations.

Strong possibilities exist that a few will bring this vermin with them. Unbeknownst to the American public, more infected souls have been brought into the country for treatment than we have been told. With porous borders the potential spread may be amplified by multiples.

Ebola is similar to ISIS, the virus has no heart or soul. Yet its virulence is exponentially worse than the scourge ISIS brings to the battlefield. Bad policies, bad politics and insurmountable incompetence will bring ISIS home to roost. Best case scenario a few minds will come to grips with reality concerning this disease and provide a proportional response. As of this writing ISIS is finally receiving the attention it deserves, Ebola is not.

Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. Author of Obamacare Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and Demons of Democracy.

www.daviswritingservices.com platomd@gmail.com         

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