Education Group Praises Santorum’s View on English

By US Daily Review Staff.

ProEnglish, the nation’s leading advocate of official English, applauds GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum for declaring that English must become the primary official language ofPuerto Rico if it decides to become a state. ProEnglish urges the voters and media to ask the remaining candidates, includingMitt Romney, to clarify where they stand on this issue.

While visiting Puerto Rico on March 14th, Santorum was interviewed by El Vocero and asked about the island remaining Spanish-speaking if it decides to petition for U.S. Statehood.  Santorum replied, “English must be the main language. Other states have more than one language, like Hawaii, but to be a state of the Union, English has to be the main language.”

His public declaration has improved his grade on ProEnglish’s interactive candidate scorecard from a B to an A minus.  He now ties Newt Gingrich in the rankings.

“It’s not easy to be vocal about the inevitable language implications that statehood will have for Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico when you are a candidate running for President and visiting the island,” said  ProEnglish Board Member Phil Kent.   “But Senator Santorum rose above party politics this week.  Americans nationwide should thank him for highlighting this important issue which will confront all Americans this November.”

“ProEnglish thanks Sen. Santorum for his courageous stand and his intent to preserve English as the common, unifying language of the United States,” concluded Mr. Kent.  “We urge the media to press Governor Romney on this important issue of language ahead of the primary in Puerto Rico this weekend.”

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