Email Verification: A Crucial Step for Your Business

Email marketing is crucial for business of all types and sizes. It allows you to communicate with your subscribers and promote your products. But, before that, there is one indispensible tool to use in order to boost your marketing campaigns: email  verification.

Recent statistics released by the Radicati Group show that an estimated 4.9 billion people were email users at the end of 2017. This is one more reason for companies to adopt email marketing as means to deliver content to their audience. Many of them also use email verification softwares to make sure their databases are clean. These softwares will determine if an email address provided by a client is valid and currently in  use.

How does an email verification software help  you

An email verification (or email validation) software eliminates invalid email addresses, some of them misspelled as a result of typos, removes duplicate, fake and abandoned email addresses and also fake addresses that pose a serious risk to your sender reputation. A good email validation system also has an API that you can hook into your own software and verify email addresses in real time, as people subscribe to your newsletters. Hence, email validation is a superb approach before starting your email marketing campaigns. This  step is essential for your business, as it improves your return on investment, saves you money, and enhance your reputation among Email service providers (ESPs) and Internet Service Providers  (ISPs).

Email verification can provide you with accurate actionable data insight for your marketing campaigns. This service is very important for business owners because it also reduces bounce rates, by eliminating all invalid addresses in a list. The software determines if an email address exists and keeps only real, loyal subscribers in your  list.

Well, you must be wondering which email verification service best fits your needs. My personal choice is ZeroBounce. With their incredible services, this company has surpassed all the similar ones I’ve  tried.

ZeroBounce has an accuracy rate of 98% and is known for its notable features like spam trap detection, email bounce, email abuse, catch-all and toxic domain detection, and also social append. This particular feature is unique to ZeroBounce and allows you to find out the first and last name, gender and even location of a certain recipient, when the registration IP is  provided.

This service have lots of  benefits:

  • It saves time and increase your chances of reaching your  audience.
  • It saves you money, too, because your email list will be clean of invalid addresses, so you will only be paying your ESP to send messages to accurate, real email  addresses.
  • It protects your sender reputation, by removing spam traps and bots from your  database.
  • It gives you more insight regarding your customers’ identity and thus helps you know them better and create more attractive and targeted  campaigns.

ZeroBounce works fast and their prices are probably the best on the market. Another important quality of this service is that you can enjoy professional and reliable online customer support, which is available  24/7.

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