“End the Debt” Calls for “Grass Roots Revolution”

By End the Debt, Special for  USDR

While the nation’s elected leaders haggle over debt ceilings and deficit spending, nonprofit organization End the Debt has engineered a decisive strategy to terminate the national debt forever. Replacing debt-backed, bank-owned currency with a new sovereign currency is the centerpiece of the plan; the tremendous positive effects of ending the national debt will then pinwheel into every other facet of contemporary  society.

“The staggering national debt — $18 trillion at last count – is not the real problem,” said Scott Keller, founder of End the Debt. “It’s just the most obvious and painful symptom of a critically and irredeemably flawed economic model. Our debt-based currency and Federal Reserve system work against the interests of the private citizen and are a drag on the nation’s health and  wellbeing.”

As Keller explains it, the private banking industry has poisoned the well of the nation’s finances, creating a system that benefits an elite few at the expense of the middle class. The national currency is today built on debt, and taxation feeds an endless cycle of taking out more debt to pay interest to the private banking sector that created the currency in the first  place.

Like politics, all economics is local. That’s where End the Debt’s audacious plan to restore sanity to the nation’s finances begins – at the level of individuals and communities from coast to  coast.

End The Debt’s local branches will rally people behind a common cause, putting pressure on elected representatives to support and enact economic policies that benefit Main Street rather than Wall Street, ideally paving the way for a sovereign, debt-free currency. Should some representatives balk at the prospect of a living, breathing democracy, these local groups will work equally hard to identify, recruit and train individuals who will truly represent their communities and not their corporate  paymasters.

“The biggest challenge at the beginning will be creating and growing these local groups,” said Keller. “Most people are blissfully unaware of the unsustainability of our current economic system. End the Debt’s answer to this fundamental problem is not as radical as it seems, given the circumstances. Policy makers have tried and failed for decades to dial back the nation’s indebtedness. At this point, all those levers have been pulled, and we believe it’s time for a complete rethinking of the  solution.”

When debt-backed currency is replaced with a sovereign currency not associated with the banking infrastructure, the results will not trickle down – they will be rapid, positive and profound. So many contemporary social ills are the spawn of a debt-driven economy: poverty, crime, class antagonism and political divisiveness are all logical outcomes of the status  quo.

By 2020, End the Debt figures to make an impact on national elections at every level of government. Sustained lobbying of Congressional, state and local leaders will begin in earnest as soon as the number of self-sustaining local groups reaches a tipping  point.

About End the Debt,  Inc.

The mission of End the Debt is to eradicate the national debt issue by establishing a well-designed, sovereign, debt-free currency – a currency free from the control, ownership, usury, inflation and distribution of bankers. Once established, this sovereign currency will enable the US to cease all borrowing and retire all existing debt so that citizens, residents and visitors can thrive within our borders regardless of current social, educational or economic  status.

SOURCE End the Debt,  Inc.

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