Energy Costs: The Least and Most Expensive per State


Feel like your energy bill is higher than most? Depending on where you live, you might be  right.

With more Americans looking for a reprieve from the blistering hot weather and the hole it has been burning in their wallet,, the personal finance website, has ranked the least and most energy-expensive states, highlighting where consumers are more likely to catch a financial break, depending on their  usage.

In terms of average total monthly costs (electricity, natural gas, home heating oil, and motor fuel combined), the five least energy-expensive states  are:

  1. Colorado ($244)
  2. Washington ($245)
  3. Oregon ($261)
  4. Arizona ($268)
  5. New Mexico ($274)
The top 5 most energy-expensive states  are:
  1. Connecticut ($410)
  2. Wyoming ($355)
  3. Massachusetts ($352)
  4. Alaska ($349)
  5. Rhode Island ($346)
Considering that about 7.3% of the average American’s total annual income goes to energy costs, consumers are likely to go the extra mile this month and next to keep their energy bills low and their homes cooled, regardless of where they  live.

Experts at Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) are available to discuss what easy-to-do steps consumers can take to beat the heat and drive down costs,  including:

  • Using the microwave or grill – and not the oven – to cook food
  • Replacing air filters frequently
  • Keeping homes warmer than normal when no one is home
  • Utilizing ceiling and portable fans
  • Turning down the water heater, which accounts for up to a quarter of the energy consumed in homes

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