Expanding Drone Live Streaming Capabilities

By Measure, Special for  USDR

Measure, one of the nation’s largest drone operators, is the first drone service provider to join the freelancer network of LiveU-equipped video professionals and broadcasters. LiveU equipment is currently used around the world by major broadcasting stations for live video transmission via cellular networks. Measure’s nationwide network of drone pilots is now integrated into LiveU’s freelancer network, linking video professionals with news media organizations around the  world.

“Aerial footage from drones is highly coveted by media networks around the world, and Measure is one of the first to offer it as a widely-available service,” said LiveU Vice President of Sales, Mike Savello. “Bringing Measure into the LiveU family provides our broadcast customers with a unique viewpoint to cover news, weather, natural disasters, traffic, events, and sports. The possibilities for drone footage are truly  endless.” 

“LiveU’s leading-edge technology and global media network naturally fit Measure’s Drone as a Service® business model,” said Measure Managing Director of Special Projects Dave Bowen. “Measure looks forward to delivering aerial news coverage in real time with LiveU, in addition to live streaming inspection work on critical infrastructure for its telecommunications  customers.”

Using LiveU, Measure recently live streamed video from its drones to an enterprise media customer after Hurricane Matthew, giving television viewers nationwide a unique view of the devastation the storm left behind. This type of instantaneous aerial coverage improves situational awareness and response time as news  breaks.

About  Measure

Measure, one of the nation’s leading drone service companies, provides turnkey solutions to acquire, process, and deliver actionable aerial data to enterprise customers. Measure leverages best-in-class technology to outfit its drones and highly trained pilots to perform operations that are safe, legal, and insured. We don’t make drones. We make drones  work.

To learn more about Measure, visit www.measure.aero, and follow us on Facebook and  Twitter.

About  LiveU

LiveU’s award-winning technology enables live, wireless video transmission from any location around the world with lightweight, easy-to-used equipment. With top-tier customers in 80+ countries, LiveU’s solutions are being utilized for breaking and developing news and high-profile events, such as the FIFA World Cup™, the Olympic Games, Presidential Campaigns, Super Bowls, US Collegiate Championships and red-carpet events. To learn more about LiveU, visit www.liveu.tv, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

SOURCE  Measure

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