America’s Vulnerable Satellites and Computer Networks Threatens Your Bank Accounts

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By Lowell Ponte, Special for USDR

Americans were shaken by an April 26 CBS “60 Minutes” report that the satellites we depend on for national defense and everyday GPS navigation are being targeted by other countries, especially Communist  China.[1]

This was no surprise, however, to the millions who have read the five books co-authored by Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte.

“The People’s Republic of China has been developing both giant laser cannons and high-speed rockets designed to destroy satellites in orbit,” Smith and Ponte warn in their 2014 book Don’t Bank On It! The Unsafe World of 21st Century  Banking.[2]

“The world’s largest military force, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, also gets ample funding to develop … laser cannons to disable the spy and positioning satellites that guide America’s cruise missiles and other weapons,” they write in their 2012 book The Great  Debasement.[3]

Wednesday their latest research is being published in America Engulfed, a White Paper that explores some surprising ways the merger of terrorists and high technology could bring our civilization and economy crashing  down.[4]

“You can wait three years for ’60 Minutes’ to report these dangers, or you can read America Engulfed for free right now and learn how to protect yourself and your family,” says Lowell Ponte, a former think tank futurist and former Roving Science & Technology Editor for Reader’s Digest Magazine.

Craig R. Smith is a monetary expert and executive who is frequently interviewed by Fox’s Neil Cavuto and other prominent business journalists.

Their latest book, Don’t Bank On It!, explores how we have become dependent on computer networks and satellites that are vulnerable to failure and attack. “We are sitting ducks,” says Smith.

The accidental malfunctioning of one satellite in 1998 cut off the CBS network – “60 Minutes” take note – as well as the ability of drivers to buy gasoline or use ATMs in much of America by preventing the satellite-linked verification of their credit cards and IDs.

“China and others have developed ways to attack not only our satellites at the speed of light, but also our bank computer networks,” says Ponte. “What would you do if your ATMs and credit cards stopped working?”

“What would you do if your bank account, which today is merely electronic blips in giant bank computers, were suddenly stolen or erased by one of China’s 125,000 full-time cyber warriors who spend each day hacking into our government, banking and corporate computers?” asks Ponte.

“This is just one of the 20 major risks your bank account faces, as we document in Don’t Bank On It!,” says Smith.

“In our new free White Paper America Engulfed, we show just how immediate and urgent such risks to our economy and society have become, as well as some things you can do to help protect yourself.”

All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review.
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