Fail Your Way to Fitness

By Tim Warren, Special for  USDR

Just about everyone has messed up when it comes to eating healthfully and exercising. In fact, according to world-class athlete and chiropractor Tim Warren, it’s perfectly normal. In his relatable book, Feet, Fork and Fun: How to Fail Your Way to Fitness, which comes out March 1, Warren observes that people will inevitably feel overwhelmed by what is going on in their lives and will screw up now and then. He writes, “The problem lies not in the failing but in not restarting sooner. … Cut down the reboot time, do more healthy stuff than unhealthy, and guess what? You  win.”

Warren, who climbed Mount Everest at age 48 and has cared for more than 10,000 patients in his 30-year medical career, doesn’t believe in dieting, having iron willpower or living life in the gym. His approach is to encourage daily  mini-improvements.

Warren’s inspirational, actionable advice has led to his being featured on dozens of radio, television and print  interviews.

He can talk  about:

  • Why stress is mandatory for good health and your couch is no less treacherous than Mount Everest.
  • How to be in the best shape of your life and still eat cake.
  • His two-minute brain wake-up call.
  • Feet, Fork and Fun: The role they play in wellness.

Credentials: Tim Warren wrote Feet, Fork and Fun after years of experiencing frustration while trying to influence his chiropractic patients to improve their level of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. His first book was Lessons from  Everest.

SOURCE Tim  Warren

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