Fighting the PAS System

By Cleland James, Special for  USDR

This book discusses the personal story of a U.S. Marine, who has fought the system and parental alienation syndrome against him, resulting in adult child estrangement from her father. Cleland, due to Parental Alienation Syndrome, no longer has any relationship at all with his child, who is now an  adult.

The PAS that has taken place has resulted in a situation where the child hates the alienated parent, thus she no longer has any will to continue or try any relationship at  all.

The “law” only recognizes 7 states in the United States that “Parental Alienation Syndrome” is still a problem, which leaves the other 43 states without any law on the books to fight this serious issue. “This story is important because there is nothing on the surface of planet Earth that is more painful, to a parent, than losing a child that means everything to them,” said Cleland  James.

Cleland wrote this book to share with all of the parents who have faced Parental Alienation Syndrome and to let them know that they are not alone, that there are others in the world that have faced the same challenges, and yet others are still going through the  battle.

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SOURCE Cleland  James

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