Financial Literacy: Which States are the Brightest?


With tax season now behind us and National Financial Literacy Month winding down, WalletHub decided to follow up on yesterday’s report on the states with the best taxpayer ROI by analyzing financial education programs and consumer habits in each of the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia in order to determine which areas of the country are most and least financially literate.

You can find a brief overview of our findings below. For the full report, please visit:

Most Financially Literate Least Financially Literate
1. New Hampshire 42. Michigan
2. Utah 43. Arizona
3. Virginia 44. Kentucky
4. New Jersey 45. Alabama
5. Minnesota 46. Rhode Island
6. South Dakota 47. New Mexico
7. North Dakota 48. Louisiana
8. Maryland 49. Nevada
9. Idaho 50. Arkansas
10. Massachusetts 51. Mississippi

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