Finding Peace

By C.A. Clement, Special for  USDR

 Author C.A. Clement brings to readers her new self-help book, “The Internal Light: Finding Peace in a World Full of Chaos.” The book lends readers a new perspective on how to win at life through discovering the power that lives within them, leading them to find healing as well as the happiness, success and peace they long  for.

With topics that range from finding knowledge of self and learning the circular energies of life, to discovering what’s really holding you back from happiness and the ability to trust again, this book promises to promote mental, spiritual and emotional growth through self-examination, acceptance, discovering your hidden strengths, and cultivating your internal energies for a positive  outcome.

“The light that lives inside of you is where everything meaningful in your life draws its strength from – your courage, your confidence, your love, your faith, your determination – essentially your power. Not knowing how to nurture this light or even draw from its strength can cause you to live a life where you are just trying to survive every day, instead of winning,” explains Clement. “And for those whose lives are already overwhelming, winning feels like something they will never reach. But every single thing we achieve in this world begins with us, so just think… if we knew exactly what to do, how to reach for these things we want so badly, even if that thing is just peace or even just to be loved… If we knew what options to take, we could literally change our lives. Imagine knowing you could win. The possibilities for your life become  endless.”

The Internal Light” is available for sale on paperback at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your local bookstores, and well as digital format fo r Kindle.

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SOURCE C.A.  Clement

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