First Female Mexican and Latin American Sailor Across Atlantic Has New Adventure

By US Daily Review Staff.

Mexican-born Galia Moss, the first female Mexican and Latin American sailor to travel across the Atlantic Ocean alone is ready for her next sailing solo adventure. As initially reported in an exclusive article, this time Moss will be travelling with her own customized sail boat named “El Mas Mejor II” (Spanish for “The Most Best II”‘) being built at La Rochelle, France. Check out‘s Facebook and Flickr pages for exclusive photos from Galia Moss’ sail boat.

“Since I was young, I have always been looking to do something nobody did before. After my first trip travelling nine thousand miles from Spain to Mexico in 41 days, now I am ready and looking forward to my next adventure with my own customized sail boat,” said Galia Moss. “I have always worked very hard and towards my dreams, and the building of my own sail boat is definitely one of the many dreams I can’t wait to make it come true. And this is the same message I would like to share with my fellow Mexicans – never give up on your dreams.”

When asked about what will be unique about her customized sail boat, Moss stated, “One of the most unique features of the “El Mas Mejor II” will be the great view from the cockpit. This is very convenient because you can see almost 360 degrees outside, and it will also allow me to have an important safety feature for long journeys as I will be able to sail it while indoors during inclement weather conditions.

Marc Lombard, a French specialist on building high-speed sail boats for solo travelers adventuring the open ocean, is the architect building the customized sail boat that Moss will be using on her next solo trip. Lombard started building the customized sail boat in February 2012 together with 39 other experts at the shipyard R. M. Yachts, a location known to be very detailed on how they customize boats for their customers. Moss visited last December 2011 where she became very close to the design process to make sure the sail boat fit her specific needs. Moss’ “El Mas Mejor II” will become the thirty-fifth sail boat built by R. M. Yachts in 2012.

Moss’ customized sail boat will be a model RM 1060, 10.6 meters long and 4 meters wide, with a sail area of 71.6 squared meters. The hull of the vessel will be lighter and more rigid than polyester boats, which will allow a much better durability of the hull thus avoiding any risks of osmosis or delamination. Another unique feature of Moss’ sail boat will be the construction of the boat using the hull structure for important parts of the cabin, such as doors, cab structures, and several other areas of the cabin.

“The sail boat is made for experienced users, eager to navigate on a very powerful, elegant, and easy to control sail boat,” stated a spokesperson for R.M. Yachts.

The “El Mas Mejor II” will be Moss’ first customized sail boat, but her third following her other two sail boats “El Mas Mejor I” and “Azul” used for her historic first solo trip between Spain and Mexico.

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