Forbes Richest by State

By Forbes Magazine, Special for  USDR.

Forbes released today its third annual list of the Richest Person in Every State – these 52 people have a cumulative net worth of over $745 billion.  The richest person on the list is the richest person in Washington state – and the entire world: Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, who is worth $88.9 billion.  Gates is also the biggest gainer in dollar terms, adding $12.9 billion to his net worth this year.  But he’s in danger of losing his titles: Amazon founder and fellow Washington resident Jeff Bezos is hot on his heels, but fell just short, at $83.3 billion, this  year.

The youngest list member is Mark Zuckerberg (California, $62.4 billion) at 33 years old, while the oldest person on the list is Leslie Lampton (Mississippi, $760 million) at 91 years old.  The average age of list members is 72 years  old.

Of the 52 people on this year’s list, 51 of them made last year’s list too.  36 of the 52 people on the list saw their fortunes rise since last year’s ranking; the average increase in a list member’s fortune since the previous year is $1.74 billion.  Only 12 list members saw their fortunes decline. Three net worth valuations stayed the same from last  year.

Of the 2017 Richest Person in Every State list, the Top 10 richest  are:

Rank Name Final Worth Residence State
1 Bill Gates 88.9 Washington
2 Warren Buffett 76.2 Nebraska
3 Mark Zuckerberg 62.4 California
4 Michael Bloomberg 50.7 New York
5 Charles Koch 47.5 Kansas
6 Jim Walton 38.5 Arkansas
7 Alice Walton 38.2 Texas
8 Sheldon Adelson 35.6 Nevada
9 Jacqueline Mars 27.6 Virginia
10 John Mars 27.6 Wyoming

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