Former NFL Player to Launch a Product for Safer Helmets

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Defend Your Head (DYH), a sports safety company based in Chester County, Pa., announces the release of its debut product,the ProTech, an innovative outer-shell football helmet product using superior head protection technology. A uniquely talented group of sports, technology, medical, and business leaders make up the DYH team, who are united in their mission to empower athletes to “play on” safely and successfully. Fifteen years in the making, DYH’s experts have spent the past three years refining and testing its proprietary technology for the sport of football. The product is now ready for its official launch in early 2016. To date, 120 Division One Universities and High Schools have committed to utilizing the technology in this coming year. The College of the Holy Cross and Western Carolina University have already begun using the ProTech in  practice.

The ProTech’s cutting-edge soft outer-shell technology incorporates a proprietary chemical formulation to provide maximum energy and force dissipation and reduction. Bert Straus, a highly regarded GE design engineer, created the original product. Additionally, Dr.Richard Nelson, founder of Pennsylvania State University’s Biomechanics Laboratory, and his team of biochemical engineers first recognized and validated the significant value of ProTech’s soft shell technology. Through years of research, testing, and refinement, DYH has continually improved upon the product, ensuring its efficacies, as well as its ease of use and aesthetic appeal for players. The ProTech will be ready for use by all players in  2016.

The DYH team is led by a pair of former football standouts. CEO John Roman is accustomed to protecting others. He spent eight seasons as an offensive lineman in the NFL with the New York Jets (1976-1983) before launching a 30-year successful career on Wall Street. Executive Chairman Glenn Tilley was an All-Ivy linebacker at Princeton University. With over 30-plus years of experience, Tilley is a proven business leader having significantly grown companies in sports management, as well as sports and entertainment marketing. John and Glenn believe in the life-long values learned on the football field, which fuel their passion for the DYH mission to develop a product that preserves the game for players of all ages.

Roman and Tilley lead a team of prominent experts and advisors that includes a former NFL executive, a major college coach, a former college Athletic Director, former NFL players, technology experts and sports medicine doctors dedicated to the prevention of head  injuries.

Joe Banner, a member of the DYH Board of Directors, helped lead the front offices of the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Brownsand remains active as a sought-after commentator.  “I could not be more excited to join John, Glenn and the DYH team. I carefully assessed this new technology and believe it will make a measurable difference in the reduction of head trauma from the youth level all the way up to the NFL. I join DYH in their commitment to make the sport as safe as possible for the good of our  players.”

Rick Raimer, President of PurForms Inc., serves as the Chief Engineer Officer for DYH. Former Pittsburgh, Texas A&M, andMississippi State coach Jackie Sherril joins a group of football advisors and ambassadors that includes former Boston College and Villanova Athletic Director Gene DiFilippo, and former NFL star Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens). In the coming weeks, DYH will be announcing the formation of a distinguished Medical Advisory Committee led by leading sports medicine doctors who will be focused on proof of efficacy of DYH safety products and new product development for the greater good of all athletes. In addition, Ben Franklin Technology Partners continues to serve as DYH’s trusted technical  advisor.

“We are thrilled to have assembled a team of such trusted and seasoned experts who are driven by our mission to reduce the risk and impact of head trauma and make the athletic playing environment and all football players as safe as possible,” said John Roman. “The ProTech is a truly unique product created from the very best in outer shell technology. Its high effectiveness has been proven through years of scientific testing and players attesting to its ease of use. I am deeply honored to serve on this new playing field beside such talented teammates. I know we will make a difference in this game we all  love.”

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