Former Polish President Says China’s Communism has Bleak Future

By the Tuidang Center, Special for  USDR

The Tuidang Center held a roundtable on June 11th in Kiev, Ukraine on the unwinding of communism globally. Mr Lech Walesa, former President of Poland, sent a letter of support, and referring to the Tuidang movement that is decommunizing China said, “This movement, this history’s tsunami, as I deeply believe, nothing is able to stop anymore. No one can stop a spirit of freedom and  truth.”

The roundtable was entitled “Crimes of Communism and the De-Communization Process in Ukraine, China and Around the World”. The speakers included Dr. Sen Nieh, a professor at the Catholic University of America and an expert on the Tuidang movement inChina, Dr. Charles Lee a former prisoner of conscience in China, and Dr. Anna Maliar a Kiev lawyer and an expert in political  crimes.

In April 2015, the Tuidang movement passed 200 million participants. Tuidang is a peaceful movement that asks Chinese people to renounce the oaths they have made to the Communist Party. Tuidang grew following the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party that for many Chinese people exposed the crimes of communism in China for the first  time.

Mosiyuk Oleksandr, former Mayor of Kiev when the Soviet Union collapsed, attended the roundtable and said, “Communism is the planet’s  disease.”

On May 15th, Ukrainian President Poroshenko signed into law legislation banning communist propaganda and symbols. Like other Eastern European countries, Ukraine is making a distinct break with its Communist  past.

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SOURCE The Tuidang  Center

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