Four More Years of Obama?

By  Bill Tatro, Special for  USDR

After eight years of George Bush America, was ready for hope and change.  Unemployment was escalating, home prices collapsing and the U.S. military occupied all corners of the world.  Yes, it was time for a  change.

Six years later the American public is once again setting its sights on the Presidential election of  2016.

Will things be different they ask?  Will the long malaise finally be over?  Will a true recovery be at hand?  Is there a politician that can actually change the downward spiraling of America and accomplish what he or she  promises?

The answer unfortunately is  NO.

The only thing that happens when the House, Senate or White House change hands is a delay in the inevitable yet puts us ever closer to  it.

Ask any politician, either Democrat or Republican, right wing or left wing, liberal or conservative if the Federal Reserve should be abolished?  The answer invariably, after a quizzical look, is “Absolutely not!  Replace them with whom or  what?”

Then ask if we should return to the Gold Standard.  Again a questioning nod of the head and the answer will be “Of course not, Gold is too difficult to  control”.

Then query them about Crony Capitalism versus real Capitalism and ask if GM or Goldman Sachs should have been saved in 2008.  A slight smirk will go across their face and the usual “Of course, they are America’s  backbone”.

Finally, ask about the withdrawal of all troops to domestic shores, specifically from the Middle East and the answer/question will be universal “Aren’t you aware of the war on  terror?”

The answers are always the same regardless of political persuasion.  The results are always the same.  The delay of the inevitable is continuously played out with each new election, thus making it all, a waste of  time.

Retail sales is in its death throws.  Housing is starting its downward spiral, again.  Derivatives are beginning to implode as predicted by Warren Buffett.  Poverty and food stamps are escalating dramatically.  A world war is only a push of a button  away.

Until all of this finally happens and concludes, we will continue to be like the clinically dead hospital patient who is kept alive by a life support system and an ever changing group of physicians. The faster it ends the sooner we can begin  again.


There is no one more suited to get us to the finish line quicker than the current  President.


I am throwing my national support, in 2016, behind Barack Hussein Obama for 4 more  years.

If you read my new book, 44th The Presidential Conspiracy, you will learn how, legally, he can ravage the Country another 4  years.

There is no doubt, in my mind, that it is Barry all the way.  Remember, the sooner it’s over the sooner we can begin   again.


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