Frugal Texas Congressman Returns $1 Million to the U.S. Treasury


U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) has operated his congressional office so frugally that he has returned more than $1 million to the federal treasury over the past five years.

This week Brady returned another $108,289 to the treasury from his office budget for 2013, bringing his five year total returned to $1,010,050. Under his leadership, his office has reduced spending every year since 2009.

“These are the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars and we try to watch every penny.  Most years we operate our offices on only 85 percent of the budget, returning the rest to the treasury where it is used for deficit reduction,” said Brady, a former chamber of commerce executive. “We try to operate our office like a business – efficiently, with strong customer service. We want to show other Washington agencies that they can live below their budgets, too.”

Brady credits his staff in Texas and the Capitol for the tight spending practices, saying, “Every one of our staff watches the budget carefully. They are fully committed to spending wisely, and I appreciate their efforts.”

Brady, a senior member of the House Ways & Means Committee, has never moved to Washington. He lives in Texas with his wife and children and commutes to work in Congress.

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