Fun Things You Can Do At Home While Social Distancing

Amidst the growing and fast-spreading Coronavirus pandemic, the world has taken on a new practice that may help in curbing further spread and infections. Self-isolation and social distancing are at the top of the list, with most individuals being urged to stay at home when necessary. If you aren’t already used to staying at home all day for weeks, this new practice may seem challenging. But it doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some fun things to do that will keep boredom at bay during these difficult times.

Renovate your home

Normally, you would postpone DIY stuff due to the limited time in your hands. Now that you have unlimited time, perhaps it’s time to explore your imaginations and put your DIY skills and concepts into action. Consider ordering materials online and using readily available materials to avoid going out. Make use of the resources on the internet and start your home transformation. You could paint your walls, rearrange furniture, build additional fixtures and upholster old furniture.

Bring the theater experience home

Self-isolation doesn’t mean that you have to forego watching that movie you’ve been waiting to be released. With a wide variety of projectors in the market, a huge source of TV shows, and 3D movies, you could consider transforming your living room into the ultimate 3D theater experience. Grab your favorite bowl of popcorn and enjoy your best shows and movies!

Online group and individual games

Is it getting extraordinarily dull, and you are tired of playing solo games on your phone or laptop? Don’t worry. App developers have been mindful of such times and introduced a vast collection of online games, including scrabble, chess, monopoly, and crossword, among others. Discover your best online games and share them with your friends.

Virtual workout

It’s easy to gain unwanted weight during this period when you spend most of your time indoors. Thankfully, most gyms have put up online classes that encourage members to sign up and keep up with their fitness goals. You might want to invest in a few items that you may need in the virtual fitness classes, and you’ll be set to go. Get the body you’ve always wanted before this social distancing practice is over.

FaceTime with family and friends

You’ve probably had to postpone your holidays and vacations with your loved ones due to the pandemic in order to stay safe. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you can’t catch up and check on your family and friends. You’ve got unlimited time to video call your mom, dad, grandparents, and close friends. Let them know how you are doing as you get to check in on their health and conditions.

Try out new recipes

Are you tired of regular cereals for breakfast? Perhaps you’ve been ordering pizza for dinner for the longest time now, and it’s not going to do you any good now that you spend most of the time indoors. Inspect your pantry, restock, and whip up a new meal. There are thousands of free recipes online that could help you achieve your goals. Do you know what’s even more fun? Organizing an online cooking competition with friends and enjoying the beauty of cooking on an adrenaline rush.

Learn a new hobby or craft

There is an endless list of options when it comes to learning new skills and things to do when social distancing. Have you always wanted to speak Italian? Perhaps speaking a little French will do you good. This is the time to learn that new language. Download online tools to help you study better. You could try making art from available tools in your homes, such as old spoons, old clothes, and other leftover materials. Try painting if you’ve always wanted to portray Da Vinci.

Self-isolation and social distancing don’t have to be boring. With the wide access to the internet, this might just be the most memorable event of your life. Stay home, stay safe!

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