Gaming on the Go: The Best Games for Each Mobile Device


Portable devices are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to experience the latest and greatest video games. As mobile technology allows for a more immersive gameplay experience, developers have created a number of titles that are made to be played on the go. This has proven to be great news for serious gamers, but it’s also good for non-gamers who are simply looking for a diversion during their morning commute. Whether you play on a tablet, phablet or smartphone, the best titles currently available succeed by taking advantage of the unique capabilities of each platform. Looking for one to test your mettle? Here are the best games for each type of mobile  device:

iPad Air 2: Asphalt 8:  Airborne

The Asphalt series started all the way back with the iPhone 2 and has remained the top choice for racing games ever since. The iPad Air 2’s 9.7-inch retina display and A8X chip make it the perfect way to experience this latest iteration of the Asphalt game, which manages to combine everything that has made the series great. In “Airborne,” you control your car by tilting your iPad like a steering wheel, so the Air’s extra degree of lightness makes the game feel extra responsive during those tight turns. “Airborne” also has some of the most beautiful, real-world inspired courses in gaming, so try to enjoy them while you’re moving at over 180 mph. And just when you thought you were tired of the pre-installed tracks and vehicles, developer Gameloft releases an update with new downloadable content. It’s the racing game that keeps on  giving.

Also Try: “Modern Combat 5: Blackout” and “Monument  Valley”

Galaxy Note5: 80  Days

If you love history and travel, then “80 Days” is the game for you. This touch-based adventure game starts with you planning your Jules Verne-inspired trip around the globe by hiring staff and putting together an inventory. It’s all achieved through a series of intuitive menus, which the game explains in a quick tutorial. This game is a point-and-click adventure title that uses interactive environments to let you create your own story. Once you arrive at a location, you solve puzzles, shop for upgrades and change your itinerary to account for new information. The game has a fairly relaxed pace, with the only real challenge coming from how quickly you can complete your journey. True success comes from seeing everything there is to see, from the back alleys of Nepal to the top of the Eiffel  Tower.

The Note5’s stylus and big, crisp screen make it a perfect travel companion, especially during those parts of the game that require a good bit of  reading.

Also try: “Two Dots” and “Super  Hexagon”

iPhone 6s: Final Fantasy  7

Back in 1997, “Final Fantasy VII” set the standard for what an RPG game could accomplish. From the orchestral soundtrack to the gorgeous pre-rendered backgrounds, “FF7” was a huge leap from the previous generation of RPGs. Ever since, gamers have been waiting patiently for the opportunity to experience it in an updated form. That chance finally came in August, when Square released the PS1 classic in the App store. The title provides a good dose of nostalgia for veteran gamers, but if you didn’t get to experience it the first time around, “FF7″ still has plenty to offer. The addictive combat, weapon upgrades and endless side quests make this a truly epic experience. It also features one of the most heartbreaking stories ever told in a video game. “FF7” is the undisputed king of role playing games for a reason, and works best on the large screen and crisp display of the iPhone  6s.

Also Try: “Hitman Go” and  “Framed”

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