Get Rooted in Your New Space: The Benefits of Keeping Your Startup in One Place

By Nik Donovic,   Special for  USDR

Many startups come from humble beginnings. In the early stages, location seems less important than the business itself and as a result, many startups are born in basements, small office spaces, and other less than ideal commercial or residential spaces. Startup businesses often measure success in several ways from an answered phone call, a returned email, and a repeat client. Soon after numerous successes, small businesses may need more room for product and employees; outgrowing your office space is a good problem. The next big step when considering a bigger space is where you are going to go and how you are going to do  it.

What’s the Best Move for  Expansion?

Once you’ve made the decision to expand your business space you may feel pressed for time, particularly if you have employees doubled up in tight spaces. However, don’t rush to choose any available space. Rather than looking for a completely different space in another part of the city, look around your neighborhood. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, the office space next door to your current space is available. If this is the case, you won’t have to worry about completely uprooting and moving your business across town.

The Benefits and Risks of Expanding Next  Door

Expanding your business into the adjacent space is a feasible move for many blossoming entrepreneurs. Despite the need for some level of construction, staying in the same space can greatly benefit your business. Some benefits  include:

  • Ability to Keep Working: By staying in the same building, with construction next door, it’s likely that your business can continue limited operation if not the same working hours.
  • Less Time Required to Move: In addition to little interruption in work schedules, when the time comes to move office equipment or other supplies, less work time will be lost due to the convenience of the expansion (moving next door rather than miles across town).
  • Boost in Morale: A business expansion can boost the mood of everyone in the workplace. Not only does expansion indicate job security and job creation, but it might be fun to watch the progress. Plus, everyone likes a bigger breakroom or a brand new meeting room.

Some Possible Risks During an  Expansion

With every new project comes the possibility of a few risks. While a small business expansion marks success and benefits to everyone within the company, some minor issues may occur, including anything from employees being injured in a construction zone or loss of productivity during construction. Before you make plans to tear out a wall, it’s important to consider the amount of construction that may be required. If construction is not planned out well or done too quickly, your expansion may come to an unexpected halt. Even with a plan and a team of professionals, your work environment may become an unsafe work  zone.

“Construction sites are always bustling with multiple contractors, subcontractors, builders, architects, engineers, and developers. While this conglomeration of trades can be useful to the overall project, it can provide a hazardous atmosphere for all those involved,” says Tate Law Offices,  PC.

Additionally, if power or water needs to be shut off to work on the expansion, the business may need to close down for the day, putting work on hold. Depending on the urgency of your business, this may affect your relationships with customers. Additionally, the noise pollution of a construction project may be distracting and not productive to the work  environment.

When you weigh the benefits and risks, you may find that the best place to expand your growing business is just a door  away.

Nik Donovic resides in the state of Arizona where he spends much of his time outdoors or traveling. When he’s not enjoying nature, he’s working on his car, reading a good book, or keeping up to date with new  technology.

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