Get Your Spring Cleaning Done Despite Business

By Kuhn Rikon, Special for  USDR

Is spring cleaning an elaborate ritual in your home, or just a pipe dream?  Whether you have time for extensive seasonal cleaning, or you’re so busy that just getting dinner on the table is a victory, there are simple ways to make your kitchen cleaner and more pleasant.  Here are some quick ideas from Kuhn  Rikon.

Update your sponge.  The Kuhn Rikon Stay Clean Scrubber is a cleaner alternative to conventional sponges because it’s made of nonporous silicone that dries faster and won’t harbor bacteria.  This compact scrubber features over 5,000 tiny silicone bristles that clean dishes, countertops and more, without smelly sponge odors.  When dry, it can also be used to remove lint and hair.  This long-lasting scrubber is dishwasher safe and high heat-  resistant.

Ban boil-overs. The best way to keep your kitchen clean is to avoid mishaps in the first place. The Kochblume® Spill Stopper acts as a heavy silicone lid that prevents pasta, rice, soups and other starchy dishes from foaming or spilling all over your stove.  This colorful tool is heat resistant up to 400° F and fits any pot with a 6 to 10 inches diameter.  It can also serve as a microwave cover to keep your microwave  neat.

Steel some soap.  Kuhn Rikon’s Stainless Steel Soap is a practical and easy way to keep your hands free of odors, even when cooking with garlic, onions and fish.  Just wash with it under cold water, the way you would with any soap.  The oval-shaped steel bar is easy to use, with a fingernail notch for removing odors from under the nails.  Long lasting and indestructible, it keeps your hands odor-free, while reducing the amount of conventional soap you need to  buy.

Stop the splatters.  If you love baking but hate the mess a mixer can make, try the Kuhn Rikon Mixer Splatter Guard.  It is specially designed to keep flyaway bits in the bowl during mixing, protecting you and keeping your kitchen clean as you prepare batters, soups and more.  It is transparent to let you see your ingredients while mixing, with built-in ribs to fit a variety of bowl sizes snugly and securely.  Fits most table and handheld mixers and immersion  blenders.

SOURCE Kuhn  Rikon

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