Getting more out of YOU! – Part 5: Divide and Conquer

By Walter Rogers, USDR Contributor

Internal or external meetings are one of the most common time robbers for individuals that work in a team setting or rely on others to help them achieve their objectives. How many meetings or conference calls have you attended where you really weren’t needed and that didn’t seem to achieve any outcome?  Time is one of your most precious assets and you must allocate it carefully.  Your typical worker has over 20 meetings per week. Think about that.  If each meeting is one hour, and you assume 15 to 30 minutes of prep time and action items per meeting, then nearly 75% of your week is gone.

Meetings are certainly an important component for achieving specific outcomes quickly, but they can be as abused as email.  If you are a meeting organizer, you are responsible for making sure the right people are in attendance so that you can Divide and Conquer. If you are a meeting attendee, you are responsible for making sure you are as prepared and focused as possible.

If you are inviting others to a meeting, you must provide:

1.      The expected outcome

2.      High level background

3.      Decisions you want achieve

4.      Every invitee’s specific role

5.      Time slots assigned to each role

6.      Pre-reading or prep documents

If you are invited to attend a meeting, make sure you request:

1.      The expected outcome

2.      High level background

3.      Your specific role and time allocation

4.      Pre-reading or prep documents

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