Gov. Spends $387K to Study ‘Unconscious’ Racism of Doctors

 By MRCTV, Special for  USDR

The federal government just awarded a $386,597 grant, courtesy of the American taxpayer, to the University of Arizona to study and train doctors who don’t know they’re racist against Hispanics to stop being racist against Hispanics.

According to the grant, which was awarded by the National Institute of Health:
“Research shows that while stereotyping, prejudice and acts of discrimination can be conscious and deliberate, the expression of bias among healthcare providers is often unintentional because many hold negative attitudes and stereotypes at an implicit or unconscious level. Thus, implicit verbal and nonverbal biases may leak into the way residents interact with Hispanic patients, but training residents to control thei (sic.) verbal and nonverbal implicit biases can mitigate the negative effect on patients during a clinical encounter.”

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