Harry Reid is Retiring

A media wrap up.


Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) survived an incredibly challenging race in 2010 and the media is recounting his enormous influence over five  terms.

The Washington Times noted ethical questions followed the  Senator:

And Mr. Reid’s announcement came just hours after senators finished a massive vote-a-rama considering dozens of amendments to the budget — something Mr. Reid achieved only once in the last five  years.

The announcement also comes just days after an inspector general said he used his influence to lobby a top Homeland Security Department official for special treatment for visas for investors in a casino company back in his home state. The inspector general didn’t blame Mr. Reid, but found the homeland security official, Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, broke ethics rules to give Mr. Reid and several other high-profile Democrats beneficial  consideration.

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The Associated Press with the Senator’s Formal Announcement:

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