High Tech Haunted Attractions

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By  America Haunts, Special for USDR

Let’s face it, we Americans are hard to impress. As the most technologically advanced and creative nation worldwide, expectations are high in entertainment. Want to build a Halloween attraction to scare visitors and build it into a profitable business? You better be both an engineer and an artist.

America Haunts, the industry leaders in the world of Halloween haunted attractions, has built membership of the nation’s largest, creepiest and most technologically advanced haunts. Its owners create technological masterpieces of fun Halloween  horror.

“We are talking high budget 4D, virtual reality sets combined with actors and artists whose scare tactics, costuming and makeup set the trends in Hollywood,” said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith of America Haunts. “If you haven’t been inside a haunted house in a while, you just might implode from fright. If it’s been just one year since your last visit, you will be impressed at how haunt owners intensify their attractions literally every year.”

The nation’s most technologically advanced haunts are:

  1. The AsylumDenver
  2. Netherworld, Atlanta
  3. SpookywoodsGreensboro, NC
  4. Bates MotelGlen Mills, PA
  5. The Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati

At the Asylum in Denver, what begins as a tour transforms into an escape room escapade with technology making everyone feel trapped. At Netherworld in Atlanta, every animatronic is strategically designed for its intended space with 3D clowns that boggle the brain. At Spookwoods in Greensboro, guests use laser weapons to shoot at what comes at you, or become infected with a deadly virus. At Bates Motel, Pennsylvania, there’s more pyrotechnics than a Kiss concert; the customer favorite is the creepy Headless Horsemen. At Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati, the horrifying tale of a killer janitor is alive with those Hollywood quality sets.

“The best technology is that which looks real. Every generation becomes more tech savvy, it takes a lot to scare, but we succeed every time,” she said.

About America  Haunts
With more than 28 haunted attractions nationwide, America Haunts delivers fear-based entertainment to more than a million thrill-seekers annually. America Haunts is featured on the Travel Channel and members recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records. The organization is committed to providing technical excellence; stunning set design; Hollywood-quality make-up, costumes and  actors.

SOURCE America Haunts

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