Hispanics for Clinton

By Hispanic Vote, Special for  USDR

Since launching in 2012, Hispanic Vote has remained dedicated to its mission of enabling and connecting with the >21 million eligible Hispanic voters. Founder, Dennis Garcia, explains how he originally aimed to mobilize Millennial Hispanics, and those who feel their personal conservative ideologies do not align with or are being ignored by both Republican and Democratic parties, to connect, interact and participate in our democratic  process.

Hispanic Vote’s efforts in the 2012 campaign—interacting with the leadership of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), participating in National Voter Registration Day and in grassroots Getting Out the Vote community activities—allowed them to make great strides in raising awareness of opportunities for  Hispanics.

“We reminded Hispanics that they are part of our country and part of our national decision-making process,” says Mr. Garcia. “Their voice, collectively and individually, should be heard. Their vote counts and is critical to moulding the future of our country, to providing growth opportunities for individuals, families and small  businesses.”

For the 2016 race, Hispanic Vote segued from its previous grassroots efforts to political networking, consulting with both Republican and Democrat politicians and PACs, and with the media, on policy issues important to the Hispanic base, including the economy, healthcare, immigration and  education.

It is unprecedented for Hispanic Vote to promote or endorse one party over another. “But,” says Mr. Garcia, “our work, one-on-one experiences and internal polling over the past year has compelled us to endorse the Democratic ticket in general and the Clinton-Kaine ticket in  particular.”

In a recent article by Farai Chideya, senior writer for FiveThirtyEight.com, explains “The number of Mexican-American and Latino voters who show up on Nov. 8 could determine the outcome in… state, and possibly in the nation[al elections].”  (http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/mexican-americans-are-reshaping-the-electoral-map-in-arizona-and-the-u-s/)

Mr. Garcia concludes with a message to all eligible voters, “Don’t let fear or frustration keep you from the polls on November 8th. Your voice needs to be included in this dialogue that affects you, your children and all of your future generations. Your vote  counts.”

SOURCE Hispanic  Vote

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