Historic Torch from Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Olympics to Be Auctioned in Maryland

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Alexander Historical Auctions LLC, Special for USDR

An official torch from the notorious 1936 Olympics held in Berlin will be offered for sale in Maryland on August 23-24 by Alexander Historical Auctions. The 10 ½” tall steel torch was designed by the firm of Walter E. Lemcke and made by the enormous German war manufacturers, Krupp. It is lightly engraved with a Germanic eagle clutching five Olympic rings above the legend: “FACKEL-STAFFEL-LAUF OLYMPIABERLIN 1936″ (“Torch Run Olympia-Berlin 1936″). Also illustrated is the route the flame took, from Olympia, Greece to Berlin. The top of the torch is further engraved: “ALS DANK DEM TRAGER ORGANISATIONS-KOMITEE FUR DIE XI. OLYMPIADE BERLIN 1936,” which indicates that the torch is a gift of the German Olympic Committee to the torch bearer. These torches, totaling less than 3,000, were kept by those who ran the Olympic flame — the first time it was ever run from Greece to the site of the games.

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