Home Entertainment 101 – Why You Need Both Internet and Cable Networks


It always seems as if there is a dilemma when it comes to budgeting for home entertainment. Do you want to get cable or satellite, or would it be better to look into the Internet based streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video? In my opinion, there is no question about it when it comes down to the widest choice in programming. You really need both. Here’s  why.

First – A Word about Cost

When it comes to entertainment, no one channel has all that you like. For example, while broadcast networks will have some sports offerings, not every channel will cover all sports. In fact, even on cable or satellite, no one channel can possibly cover all sports. Even networks like ESPN have more than one channel so that they can cover every sport and even then, some are not available because there are just too many sports, too many teams and too many countries of  interest.

This is why you also need the Internet where you can stream the sports that aren’t covered by your cable or satellite provider. What you need to do is find the most cost effective DIRECTV packages if you are on satellite and then also bundle that package with Internet and maybe even home telephone. For most people, this is the most cost-effective way to get the entire range of entertainment available. If it isn’t on television, it’s on the Internet streaming services. It’s incredible what bundles and packages can do for a limited  budget!

You Have an Option to Pick and Choose

The reason why you need both Internet and cable or satellite is because this gives you an option to pick and choose. Some people want current offerings without waiting until a new season begins, so they watch each new episode as it ‘airs’ on their television. Others want to get up to date with a program, so they need Netflix or Amazon to watch through several seasons to catch up to where the programming is being currently  run.

You can choose a monthly Internet subscription for this like on Netflix, an annual subscription on Amazon, or a pay as you go for each season or episode on either. It’s simply amazing how far technology has come in the way in which you can view your favorite programs. But, one thing can be said for satellite which puts it miles ahead of cable networks. There are few places on earth where you won’t be able to choose and receive satellite  signals!

A Few Closing Remarks – Food for  Thought

In the end, the best way to get all the entertainment you could ever want and so much more is to combine Internet and satellite packages based on your needs. Because cable isn’t hardwired in every locale, even in the United States, you can get all the same channels with a satellite dish and so many more besides. It’s food for thought, and not as expensive as you’d imagine  either!

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