Home Warranties- Giving Buyers and Sellers Peace of Mind

From smartphones to cars, many items come with warranties. Homes are not an exception and you can also get a warranty for this type of property. A home warranty is basically a policy that you pay to cover the cost of repairing various home appliances in case they break down. Home warranties give homeowners financial protection if they encounter unexpected problems that affect their  appliances.

Many people opt to buy home warranties as soon as they close on homes because this kind of protection can provide the reassurance that you will not be dealing with unexpected costs shortly after moving in. It would be unfortunate to wake up to a malfunctioning fridge or broken boiler in your new home. Home warranties are worthwhile investments that can ease these  concerns.

Home Warranty Coverage

Home insurance covers the structure of your home and possessions in the event of an accident like a flood, storm or fire. A home warranty, on the other hand, covers replacements and repairs on appliances and systems that occur due to wear and tear and calamities are not necessary. Home warranties usually cover items such as:

  • Kitchen appliances like the garbage disposal and oven.
  • Washer and dryer.
  • Cooling and heating systems.
  • Plumbing systems.
  • Electrical systems.

Although home buyers are generally required to purchase home insurance with their mortgage, a home warranty is optional. There is basic coverage as well as comprehensive plans and homeowners are at liberty to add extras that they need like coverage for an external wall or a swimming pool. Find America’s best home warranties  here.

Cost of Home  Warranties

While many companies can offer homeowners warranties at any point, buying them when you purchase the home can get you the best deals. Warranty plans that are provided during a real estate transaction usually offer comprehensive coverage and the best prices. This is why it is an ideal time to work out a deal. You generally have the option of renewing the plan or leaving at the end of the first  year.


  • A home warranty is beneficial to home buyers as it provides the reassurance they need to move in without being concerned about spending more money on unexpected repairs.
  • Home warranties are also beneficial for home sellers because they can provide coverage for items during this period with the possibility of the buyer deciding to continue using the cover.
  • Home sellers often offer to make the first year’s payments of the warranty to lure buyers.
  • The older a home is, the higher the chances of something breaking and it is advisable to invest in a home warranty. Many companies do not consider how new or old a home is in regards to costs. This makes a warranty cost-effective if you are buying an older home.

Contacting the  Provider

If an item that is covered by your home warranty breaks, your provider has the responsibility of connecting you to a professional contractor within your area. A home warranty is a good option for people who prefer safety to possible regret when they want to purchase a property. Responsible home ownership involves ensuring that things work  effectively.

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