Honda’s Marketing Campaign All About Telling Stories

By Honda, Special for  USDR

Honda has launched three new television commercials in which the all-new Honda Civic shares the spotlight with a real-life person who is young, hard-working and on the cusp of greatness.  “Greatness is Within Reach” is a national campaign created to show the connection between people striving for career success and how one of the greatest cars on the road today can help take them  there.

“In the auto industry, the mantra is, ‘The car is the star,'” said Susie Rossick, Honda’s assistant vice president, regional media and marketing.  “In this case, however, the car is the co-star with a coffee bar owner, a ballerina and an executive chef,  respectively.”

Insightful copywriting allows each up-and-comer to tell an inspirational story of motivation, passion and commitment – while subtly making the connection to Honda and its passionate philosophy of making great  vehicles.

Jesse Diaz, 33, owns Dark Matter Coffee in Chicago.  In his spot, Diaz says, “I started with $2,000 and a dream.  Stay driven, stay motivated, stay happy, stay positive and surround yourself with the best people in the world.  We can teach people our trade; we can’t teach passion.  If you want something in life, just go for it and don’t  stop.

“When I saw the final commercial, I was blown away,” Diaz said.  “Not only was I shocked to see myself starring in a Honda commercial but it also captured my true feelings about my business and about  life.”

Karina Gonzalez, 29, is a native Venezuelan and the principal ballerina of the Houston Ballet.  “From the beginning I really knew this was my passion, and that I needed to do my best every time,” Gonzalez says in the voiceover.  “I think my best advice, especially for younger students, is to really believe in yourself.  You can never be perfect but you can be excellent.  Whatever you want in life, don’t be afraid to go for your  dreams.”

Rick Lopez, 34, is the executive chef at La Condesa in Austin, Texas.  “That commercial was all me,” he said.  “When I say, ‘Always give your best because nobody can take that away from you,’ that’s what I feel.  It’s not mentioned in the commercial but my first car was a Honda – and my wife has been driving one for quite a while.  I have a very strong connection to this  brand.”

About  Honda

Honda offers a full line of reliable, fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive vehicles with advanced safety technologies through approximately 1,000 independent U.S. Honda dealers. The Honda lineup includes the Fit, Civic and Accord passenger cars, along with the HR-V, CR-V and Pilot sport/utility vehicles, and the Odyssey  minivan.

Honda has been producing automobiles in America for more than 30 years and currently operates 18 major manufacturing facilities inNorth America. In 2015, more than 99 percent of all Honda vehicles sold in the U.S. were made in North America, using domestic and globally sourced  parts.

SOURCE American Honda

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