How a Second Passport Will Affect Egyptian Nationals

By Savory And Partners, Special for  USDR

With today’s political climate in the Middle East and around the world, many wealthy Egyptians are now turning to a Second Passport and European Residency to secure their families’ futures. Visa restrictions for Egyptian passport holders have also proven to be a major factor for those applying for a Second Passport. The Egyptian passport only allows for visa free travel to 53 countries. This limitation and freedom to travel has driven many Egyptians to seek Dual Citizenship in 3 months without emigrating from their home  country.

A Second Citizenship will introduce new business ventures worldwide and grant families access to state-of-the-art healthcare and education. Dual Citizenship is considered a global insurance policy for high net worth  individuals.

Speaking on the various options available to Egyptian passport holders, Jeremy Savory, CEO & Founder of Savory & Partners said: “Globally the number of applications for Citizenship by Investment has more than tripled since 2010. And since the Arab Spring more and more Egyptian nationals have been seeking Dual Citizenship. In fact, for the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program Egyptian nationals were the 5th largest number of applicants globally and second in the Middle East after  Lebanon.”

The highly reputable Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program is considered as one of the most accessible of the Second Passport programs. There are three options available to qualify for the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program: minimum cash donation of $200,000 to the National Development Fund (NDF) for a family of 4; a property purchase to the value of $400,000 in a Government Approved Real Estate project; and with an investment of $1,500,000 applicants may invest in a government-approved business. Antigua & Barbuda is one of the few programs to offer a business investment option  too.

This attractive Citizenship by Investment program offers visa free travel to over 132 countries including the UK & Schengen. This is the only Caribbean Second Passport program to offer visa free travel to  Canada.

As one of the largest processing companies of citizenship applications in the Middle East, Savory & Partners are trusted by governments to source individuals of the highest calibre and to successfully process Dual Passport and Residency solutions for them. Savory & Partners are Government-approved marketing agents for Antigua &  Barbuda.

With demand for such Dual Citizenship & EU Residency programs on the rise, Savory & Partners assists its clients to obtain a Second Passport and European Residency through experience, service and trust, ensuring their clients a successful application. With multilingual citizenship consultants employed in Dubai, Savory & Partners are best positioned to guide their clients to the Spain Golden Visa program, Malta Passport Program and any of the 12 other reputable Citizenship & Residency programs around the  world.

For more information about European Residency or any of the other Second Passport programs, join Savory & Partners at Cityscape, Egypt during April to discuss these exciting  opportunities.

SOURCE Savory And  Partners

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