How Cameras Thwart Robberies at Homes and Businesses

Burglary is the stuff of nightmares for both homeowners and operators of small businesses. More than just a property crime, burglary is a crime that often entails violence. It is one of a number of different kinds of crimes video surveillance cameras are designed to prevent. If you are concerned about burglary – and you should be – video surveillance cameras should be part of your home or business security strategy.

Vivint Smart Home says that installing video surveillance cameras could be a matter of life and death. They say cameras save lives by giving property owners a heads up about what’s going on outside of their properties. Vivint makes a good case. The best way to protect yourself against burglary is to always be cognizant of your surroundings. Video cameras help in that regard.

Cameras As a Deterrent

Burglary is a crime of opportunity. Even when a burglary is planned, criminals look for the most opportunistic time to do what they intend to do. Thwarting them is a matter of offering as few opportunities as possible. This is where video surveillance cameras help a great deal, especially for high-risk businesses.

Criminals are not big fans of video surveillance for obvious reasons. They know that surveillance cameras not only provide live feeds, but also tend to record data as well. Any such recordings become evidence that can aid police in their investigations. That same evidence can be used to convict in court.

The last thing a criminal wants is for his or her face to be caught on tape. So they tend to stay away from targets they know are protected by video cameras. It is not worth the trouble if they approach a building and see cameras all over the place.

Monitoring Outside Areas

Exterior video cameras address the burglary issue by giving property owners the opportunity to constantly monitor outside areas. Any criminals wandering around can be monitored in real time by both property owners and the companies they contract with for monitoring service. More importantly, such monitoring gives property owners time to take appropriate action.

Motion-activated cameras are an excellent option because they only run when necessary. A motion-detecting camera doesn’t record unnecessary information when nothing is going on. But it stands ready to start recording as soon as someone gets too close. When connected to an alert system, a motion-activated camera will send an e-mail or SMS alert as soon as it starts recording.

How does this sort of outside monitoring help prevent burglary? By giving property owners time to react. The police can be called right away and, if necessary, the property evacuated. When appropriate, property owners can make it clear to criminals that they are aware of their presence.

Installing exterior video cameras is one of the best things property owners can do to deter robbery or burglary. They are great tools when used in conjunction with heavy-duty deadbolt locks and prevention strategies like maintaining privacy and working with neighbors to all look out for one another.

Monitoring Inside Areas

In the event a criminal still breaks into a house despite exterior video surveillance, interior surveillance could mean the difference between avoiding a violent confrontation and having to live through the horrors of a burglary or robbery. The basic premise here is identical to that of installing exterior cameras.

A robber breaking into a home and suddenly being confronted by a video surveillance camera pointed directly at the front door puts him/her in a precarious position. He or she will think twice about continuing with the crime. The presence of a camera might very well cause him/her to turn around and flee.

Good locations for interior residential cameras are near the front door, pointed directly at any rear entrance, and somewhere in the general vicinity of the master bedroom. Cameras pointed at first-floor doors cover the two most common entry points for criminals. A camera in or near the master bedroom monitors the most frequently visited room during robberies and burglaries.

Burglary is a crime no one wants to be victimized by. Although it is impossible to protect yourself 100%, video surveillance cameras do reduce the chances of burglary and robbery at both homes and businesses.

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