How Important is the New Hampshire Primary?

By iMediaEthics, Special for  USDR

A new book co-written by iMediaEthics’ polling director David W. Mooredives deep into the fascinating background of the New Hampshire primary and its importance in the U.S. national  election.

The First Primary: New Hampshire’s Outsize Role in Presidential Nominations examines the disproportionate impact the New Hampshire primary has on the presidential nomination process and general  election.

“Do you ever wonder why two, small, northern, mostly white states like Iowa and New Hampshire should have the first two contests in the nomination process?” Moore and co-author Andrew E. Smith ask. “How did Iowa and New Hampshire get to be first? Almost nobody believes it’s fair, so why haven’t the political parties been able to come up with a fairer system? How big of an impact do Iowa and New Hampshire have on the nomination process,  anyway?”

In The First Primary, Moore and Smith offer a comprehensive history of the state’s primary, an analysis of its media coverage and impact, and a description of the New Hampshire electorate, along with a discussion of how that electorate reflects or diverges from national opinions on candidates and  issues.

A book for political scientists and political junkies, media and policy professionals, and all students of American government, The First Primary ably fills the gaps in our understanding of New Hampshire’s outsize role in the nomination  process.

The book, published Sept. 1, 2015 by University of New Hampshire Press, is written by David W. Moore, iMediaEthics’ pollster and former Gallup pollster, and Andrew E. Smith, who directs the University of New Hampshire Survey  Center.

The First Primary is available for purchase in print and as an e-book on  Amazon.

Moore writes regularly for iMediaEthics analyzing current polls. Most recently he took a look at the significance of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders leading in the  polls.

SOURCE  iMediaEthics

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