How Much Italian Olive Oil Is Exported To Other Countries?


New information to consumers and lovers of olive oil regarding its exports was recently offered by Unarpol. With so many countries appreciating extra virgin olive oil as well as specific oils like Italian olive oil, the information shows us which countries exactly are enjoying the exports of olive oil.

With ten countries listed in the Unaprol article, there are thousands of people enjoying extra virgin olive oil across the world.

It seems that the demand for olive oil is still growing across the world. Currently, Italy holds a market share of 51 percent, with exports up 2 percent in 2013 as well as Canada, where Italy is in pole position with a market share of 70 percent in 2013, and an increasing trend since 2009.

Susan Testa, Director of Sales and Marketing for high-quality olive oil producer Bellucci Premium, says, “It is great to see such a high demand for Italian olive oil across the world. The health benefits of olive oil have established themselves into many countries and people are truly enjoying the product, and we are happy to be apart of the campaign to teach consumers about the many healthy advantages.”

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