How Relevant is Clinton’s Infidelity to Hillary’s Campaign?

By Mark Baer, Special for  USDR

One of L.A.’s leading family law attorneys and mediators, Mark Baer (, with over a decade of family law experience, agrees with Bernie Sanders that Bill Clinton’s infidelity and related actions are irrelevant and would have preferred that he hadn’t been so  judgmental.

Bill Clinton was, by no means, the first President to have extramarital affairs while he was in office, and he won’t be the last,” said Baer. “Politicians and the wealthiest members of our society, through the media they own, are incredibly effective at causing people to vote against their own best interest by getting them all riled up over issues that are either highly emotional or entirely irrelevant. I greatly respect Bernie Sanders for wanting to focus on the real issues we are facing,” said  Baer.

According to Baer, “When Sanders says that Bill Clinton’s infidelity and related actions were ‘disgraceful and unacceptable,’ I would ask what facts he would need to know to cause him to question his point of view. Whether or not infidelity occurred depends upon the boundaries and expectations the couple has agreed upon. When outsiders make a choice to judge others, what assumptions are they making and how are those assumptions based upon their personal biases, beliefs and values? Not surprisingly, people’s assumptions are typically inaccurate. It also bears mentioning that many of the Republicans that were hell bent on impeaching Bill Clinton for his infidelity and related actions were later found to have been involved in similar escapades of their  own.”

Baer continued, “That being said, infidelity, as I’ve defined it, is a huge betrayal of trust and there are many consequences that result. However, the betrayal of trust (assuming there was such a betrayal) involves their spouse’s trust, not the general public. I realize that Bill Clinton initially lied to the public about his relations with Monica Lewinsky. Nevertheless, it is important for people to consider how they might have reacted when such intimate details of their private life became front page news. Again, I am not justifying behavior, but I am suggesting that the world would be a much better place if people showed more empathy, compassion and forgiveness toward  others.”

SOURCE Mark  Baer

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