How the Online Casino Business is Heating Up in Canada and What We Can Expect in The USA

Due South, All Eyes are on Canadian  Lawmakers
Well, for highly successful examples of how the online casino business is heating up in Canada you only have to look to the thriving Kahnawake Casinos, which could grow exponentially if they get the opportunity to follow the US  model.

Canada’s up-and-coming and extremely fruitful Kahnawake Boutique Casinos are already changing the face of the industry in Canada as can be seen when visiting the likes of CasinoPilot. They are doing this by making in-house and online gambling both more accessible and more enjoyable to play, without distracting or stealing from the natural beauty of The Great White  North.

Kahnawake have also already been granted a license by all ten of the Canadian provinces, enabling them to really make their name in the   market.

The still relatively small, yet extremely lucrative, brand of boutique casinos are a great attraction for tourists, offering access to a huge choice of both in-house and online gaming   options.

Consumers already seem to adore these casinos and it’s not hard to see  why!

They’re built in beautiful settings and are not ostentatious in either their size or decoration like many other land based  casinos!

They house a huge variety of games which are, available to play either in-house or online – which is a draw in and of its self, especially for younger players who largely crave much more choice to keep their interest  fresh.

In the near future Kahnawake casinos, along with many others across Canada, are also hoping to be able to add single sports betting into their already impressive  arsenal.

The only thing really holding them back, so far, is that single sports betting is not allowed in Canada – yet. However this could change very soon as legislators debate over the merits of making it  legal.

Across the border the US Supreme Court recently ruled that US States are now allowed to decide for themselves whether or not to allow single sports  betting.

This has made the push for Canada to be allowed to do the same even more  crucial.

If Kahnawake casinos and legislators fighting for this to be made legal across Canada manage to convince the government to do so, then both the Kahnawake casinos and various other casinos are sure to branch out into sports betting, and by doing so could potentially make their futures very  bright.

By way of example, Delaware, the first US State to legalise single sports betting, made $7 million in wagers, in just the first 20 days of being open for  bets.

With income streams of this scale the Canadian government would be hard pressed to dismiss such a gift horse, either through maintaining the status quo or by introducing more stringent  laws.


What can we expect in The  USA?

If Delaware, a relatively tiny State, with a population of just under 1 million, can make $7 million, in just the first 20 days, then the State of Delaware will be on track to earning a gargantuan $127 million in wagers in the first 12 months  alone!

This suggests massive room, for casinos all over America, to make enormous amounts of profit and for that matter, for relevant State authorities to collect large amounts of tax to go back into their State  funds.

The main barrier here is that American States have much more complicated and stringent laws around single sports betting, which can vary quite significantly between one state and  another.

This means it’s trickier to change the law and to legalise single sports betting across America, even with federal  approval.

Changing the law across Canada could be much easier, due to greater interest from the provinces, so US casinos will be eyeing up the developments in Canada  carefully.

If they go ahead and legalise single sports betting in Canada, then America could potentially fall back in the race and end up losing customers and much of that bountiful revenue to Canadian  casinos.

Canadian casinos will also be watching warily from the side lines, because if the law doesn’t go their way, then the delay could cost them the lead in this exiting ‘single sports betting’  race!

Only time will tell, who takes the  gold!

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