How the President Could Save the Democrats – and Himself

By Lowell Ponte, Special for USDR

Even now, with the election only days away, President Barack Obama has it in his power to save his Democratic Party from losing control of the U.S. Senate – and save his all-but-destroyed legacy as president.

In one 15-minute speech, President Obama can restore confidence in America’s stagnant economy and send the stock market skyrocketing upward by several thousand points.

Within minutes he can trigger a tidal wave of new hiring, reverse the flood of businesses taking their jobs and profits overseas, and renew America’s spirit of optimism and well-being.

Mr. Obama can instantly restore worldwide confidence in America’s global leadership and have ISIS and other enemies scurrying for cover, ready to replace their black flag of terror with a white flag of surrender.

The President can restore public trust in government, and end much of the class warfare and racial polarization that has torn Americans apart over the last six years.

And he can immediately transform himself from a failed, weak president into a permanent symbol of courage and decisiveness that people for the next thousand years will honor as what a great leader should be like.

How is all this possible?  It can all come true if he today gives a speech saying this:

“My fellow citizens, I am resigning the presidency at noon tomorrow.”

“I have been blessed by a ‘fundamental transformation’ in myself and my vision, as was Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, or Saul on the road to Damascus.”

“My eyes have opened, and I now see clearly that nearly all of the policies I forced on the once-great Democratic Party and America these past six years have been misguided, mistaken and morally wrong.”

“I now call on my successor Vice President Joe Biden, as well as the Democratic members of the House and Senate I have misled, to join Republicans in reversing all my selfish, short-sighted laws and policies.”

“I was wrong, I now see, to believe I could lift up society’s takers by oppressively taxing those who create prosperity for all the rest of us.”

“I was wrong to seek permanent power for leftist politicians like myself by using the Saul Alinsky tactics of divide-and-conquer to set Americans at each other’s throats by deliberately pitting blacks against whites, poor against rich, and women against men.”

“I was wrong to think that world peace could be achieved by weakening and disarming the United States economically and militarily in a world where U.S. power is key to holding back a new global depression and dark age of totalitarian monsters….as it did by stopping Hitler and the Soviet Union.”

“I was wrong to violate my oath to uphold and enforce America’s laws. By blocking enforcement of the immigration laws, I effectively erased America’s southern border. I did this because overthrowing free market capitalism requires a Proletariat, a class of workers with no hope of moving up the economic ladder, as Karl Marx taught; prosperous America has never had a native Proletariat, so I had to import one as future Democratic voters and shock troops for my class war.”

“I was wrong to make Eric Holder America’s chief law enforcement officer. I hereby at this moment accept his resignation, and thus immediately remove him from office and his place as Number Seven in the chain of succession to the presidency. I call on each house of Congress to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Mr. Holder’s potential criminal wrongdoing in ‘Fast and Furious,’ ‘IRSgate,’ ‘Operation Choke Point,’ and all the other activities in which he is widely suspected of breaking the law. I hereby order that all documents my Administration has refused to give the Congress be turned over immediately.”

“I was wrong to ram through a half-baked, fatally flawed Obamacare with only Democratic votes and legal gimmicks. I should have respected Thomas Jefferson’s advice: ‘Do not force great issues on slender majorities.’  He understood that great issues require bipartisan agreement. I confess that my real aim was to impose a healthcare system that would self-destruct, and that could then be replaced only by socialized medicine.”

“I was wrong to seek permanent Democratic Party power by turning more than half of Americans into welfare dependents, junkies hooked on government handouts. I now understand that any such victory for Democrats in the short run would inevitably bring America’s doom in the long run.”

“I was wrong to arrogantly bypass the Congress and Constitution and attempt to impose my extremist Progressive ideology via executive orders, emergency powers when there was no emergency, and the heavy-handed regulation of my appointed bureaucracies and judges.  America fought a revolution in 1776 to overthrow King George III as ruler here, and I was wrong to believe I could govern as King Barack I.”

“I was wrong to use the Internal Revenue Service and other executive parts of the government to threaten, harass, punish, spy upon, silence and destroy those whose views differed from mine. I behaved like the dictator of a banana republic, which was possible only because my comrades in the mainstream liberal media tilted their coverage to help me, and because I was only weakly opposed by banana Republicans who could and should have cut off all funding for my schemes.”

“I was wrong in my arrogance and megalomania even to put myself forward as an affirmative-action candidate for president – seeking, out of selfish vainglory, to become this country’s Chief Executive when I had zero experience running anything, to be Commander-in-Chief when I had zero military command experience, and to be America’s unifier when I had only been a radical community organizer who empowered himself by deliberately destroying social harmony. I was unqualified for this office, and my presidency has become an unqualified failure.”

“I was, in short, wrong about everything….and everything I did in office ought to be repealed….except one thing….”

“Except what I am doing right now…something almost no politician has ever done.  I am freely confessing my almost-infinite errors in office after winning election and re-election by lying to and deceiving the American people. Please forgive me.”

“My insane behavior, policies, and reckless taxing, borrowing and spending have nearly ruined America, crippled the futures of tens of millions of our young, and cost taxpayers at least $10 Trillion — which the Democratic Party and its many ultra-wealthy cronies, donors and other profiteers should repay immediately to the U.S. Treasury.”

“Many Democrats running for U.S. Senate have supported my policies out of loyalty to me and to our once-great political party.  Since I and my policies are now departing, please consider voting for those who recant their sin of excessive loyalty to me instead of to our country.”

“For myself, I now see that I have becoming addicted to the hallucinatory drug of power and glory.  Looking back on my endless speeches and fundraising, it’s clear that everything in my mind has been all about me and my selfish, infantile egomania.”

“America, it’s now clear, is vastly more important than I am,” President Obama could conclude. “I shall resign the presidency at noon tomorrow for the good of America…which deserves better….and become a permanent example of the kind of politician Americans should never elect again.”

If President Obama can give such an “I was wrong” speech – and then keep his word and resign, not renege as he has so often done on his promises – his name will be praised for a thousand years for this bold act of honor, integrity and self-sacrificing statesmanship.

Odds are, however, that he cannot see the light because he lives in the shadow of a room full of mirrors.  This has made Mr. Obama the smallest President in American history. He almost certainly lacks the nobility of soul to give such a speech, or take such a selfless action for the good of his country and the world.

Lowell Ponte is a former Reader’s Digest Roving Editor.  His latest book, co-authored with Craig R. Smith, is Don’t Bank On It! The Unsafe World of 21st Century Banking.

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