How to Convert Images to PDF


Sometimes you have a file that is simply not in the format you need. Since images can come in many formats, it’s easy to find yourself in a situation when you havean image in one format, but you need it in another. This can be frustrating and with graphic software being expensive and cumbersome, you could easily find yourself stressed out and unable to achieve the desired  result.

What you need is just to know about a tool called convertmyimage. It’s versatile, easy to use and most importantly free. It will save you time, money and stress and the results will be perfect. It wouldn’t matter what format your image is in, you will be able to convert it to  PDF.

When you visit the convertmyimage website, you will notice that you have two options. They have both an online tool that you could take advantage of and a Windows application that you could download for  free.

Converting a File  Online

If you need a quick conversion of a file or two and you, you can skip downloading software and just use the tool available on the website. There are only two pieces of information that you need to provide. First of all, you need to select the file from your device that you want converted. You do that from the “Browse file…” button and upload it to their server. After that you need to specify what file type you want to get in return. The option relevant to this post is converting to PDF, but you could do so much more. You could use this tool to convert between common image files like JPG, GIF and BMP, but you could also get more obscure formats like PS, EPS, TIF and RGB. This is basically the always available Swiss Army Knife or image conversion. But if you do this often, going through a website and constantly uploading and downloading might become a bit cumbersome, so you have another  option.

Downloading the  Software

Convertmyimage is an extremely useful online tool, but nothing compares to the speed and convenience of a locally available piece of software. Luckily, they offer this for free as well, so you could go to their website and download the tool you need. All you need a Windows machine and a few minutes to go through the installation process. All you need to do is click on the “Free Download” button on their website and then run the setup you have downloaded. Make sure you choose the settings that would suit you and down forget to create a desktop shortcut for easy access. After you have installed the software, you would have an easy, straightforward and quick way to convert images to PDF files and much more. You would be able to convert between popular and not so popular image formats and convert PDF files to image files as  well.

Additional  Tools

If you look at the website more closely, you will also notice a section with links to more tools in the footer all of which can be very useful when dealing with PDF files, so make sure you check them out as  well.

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